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Rains soak California, drought ends, snowpack returns.

Over the past few weeks California has felt the positive effects of warmer temperatures as tropical moisture mixed with a seasonal cold front to end the drought across the state.  Snowpacks increased across the Sierras and moderate rains soaked the land from San Diego to Shasta.

It has happened just in time for water restrictions to be lifted for the upcoming growing season.  As commissions begin to rule against fish intake valve concerns some sanity can start coming back to our markets. 

In Carlsbad, CA environmental groups tried to claim false concerns about sea creatures getting caught in intake valves to stop a local desalinization plant.  Filtration and intake systems do not endanger species.  However, the process of purifying water does require a filter so the purpose of a desal plant is to make sure nothing gets through.  Does it cause species to go extinct?  Absolutely not.

By keeping the water restrictions high and supplies low the government is driving up water rates across the state, even without a natural drought.  This same policy is being applied to our electricity supplies as the water crisis is used to justify dismantling dams that generate clean, cheap, hydroelectric power.  As California’s resources are squandered the government goes deeper and deeper into debt, taxing the people more and more each day with rate increases, fees, and regulations. 

The economic impact continues.  Less and less money is made available to the private sector.  Total tax receipts decrease because economic activity slows to a crawl.  This then fuels higher deficits until the government goes bust once the wealth of the people is gone.  But a simple solution is at hand.  If only our Governor and President would act.

As the Obama Administration tries to figure out ways to create new jobs, it fails to recognize that its own socialist government controls are eliminating  jobs and wealth on a massive scale.  The nonsense leftist idealogues who think making a profit is a bad thing are about to find out what happens when you continuously lose the taxpayers money. 

If the leaders of our nation were strong they would end the water restrictions turn the pumps on, fill the reservoirs, guarantee ten times more than the 5% allocation at a minimum, and let the economy flow.  Once the water guarantees are in place the banks can loan on the land, this will spur agribusiness activity, employ more workers, and bring value back to our real estate.  A simple solution which only requires a common sense approach to the problem and not mountains of debt.

This simple solution only requires one thing.  Political leaders standing up to the false claims of environmental organizations and the foreign interests who run them.  The people already know the truth, and it isn’t inconvenient at all.  We will stop the command and control policies of Obama’s tyrants and czars.  Lisa Jackson of the EPA does not have the authority to give President Obama dictatorial power.  If they continue to try to overturn our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we will hold them accountable for the damage they are creating.  

Indeed the water crisis in California, is just a small sample of the command and control philosophies of the environmental police state.  In a recent 60 minutes interview one of the Delta Smelt’s advocates actually made this comment:  “don’t plant crops that have to have water every year.”  If there is anyone on this earth that knows how to plant crops that can go one year with water then one year without then you will have a great career working for the tyrants in Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA.  Until then it is time for the people of this state to stand up against the bureaucrats who are intentionally destroying our farms, jobs, and real estate values.  In 2010 we will take our country back from the politicians who are as corrupt as corruption can be. 

California has enough water for everyone.  It is corrupt politicians who want to bankrupt small businesses across the state who need to be made extinct.  They are the new endangered species.  California’s people will make sure of that in the next election.



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Farming California – Trying to survive the Terminator

Here in America we live in a land of plenty.  Our land is so rich that it only takes water to create bountiful harvests for our holiday tables.  When we sit down to feast on that last Thursday in November it is important to gives thanks for the valuable abundance produced by the people of our state.

With the drought affecting the west side of the Central Valley, farmers are trying to survive with their remaining crops on the east side.  Those who are not fortunate enough to have east side water, are dried up right out of business.  Now, with new releases from the Friant Dam, east side groves have become the next target of environmental extremists trying to destroy our land.

Before new water restrictions are imposed, it is important to see some of the benefits to our economy provided by our agricultural sector.  This is where it all starts.  This is where our food comes from.  Harvest time in Central California, means jobs, but only if you had water for your crop.

Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms describes harvest time in the walnut groves of his family’s agricultural business.

When we water walnuts we create a win win situation.  The crops produced increase wealth for many families who work our land. 

These are good people.  Hard working Americans who dedicate themselves to feeding the world.  And, as Jeremy describes, after the machine harvest the remaining nuts are shared with neighbors and friends throughout the community. 

These are the people who make our country free.  These are the people who make our country great.  These are the people who create jobs with water.  Without water, walnuts will wither.  Jobs then disappear.  One small grove generates employment for many workers, vendors, truckers, and corporations.

Our farming community is the most ecologically sound segment of our society.  The people here do everything known to man to preserve our environment and maximize the sun’s energy.  They generate more energy with their crops than any solar panel or windmill in existence.  The food grown here increases output at every stage of production.  Farmers are masters at capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into carbohydrates and proteins. 

Here Jeremy shows us a silage corn field that produces feed for dairy cattle.  The milks and butters necessary for holiday cooking come from corn-fed dairy cows.   

There is an art to this science.  Everything is measured.  It is essential to follow efficient practices in order to maximize the farm’s output.  Free market competition forces the family farmer to keep his land well-ordered.  Every inch of land is maximized for greatest efficiency.

So how many ears of corn do you get from each stalk?  Six to seven-foot tall stalks 6 inches apart fill thousands of acres of corn fields across our country.  Imagine how many ears are needed just to fill our movie theaters with popcorn.

Any environmentalist who supports diverting water away from the farmers is not an environmentalist at all.  They are complete hypocrites who are eliminating green jobs and increasing the costs of our food production.  In addition the dust storms are increasing air pollution.  Dry fields are brown, wet fields are green.

There is a science to irrigating such large acres of land.  Jeremy describes the irrigation systems for a tomato field in the west side of the Central Valley.

These irrigation systems require engineers to design the equipment, vendors to supply the sprinkler heads and pipes, and farmers to operate, maintain and monitor them.  All jobs that come from the wealth of the land as it uses water to produce its increase.

But the jobs do not stop there as the crop must be harvested and brought to market.  How is that done?  Once again Jeremy described the next step in the process that uses water to produce jobs and food for all of California’s families.

If you want to keep our country great.  If you want our state to increase jobs.  If you want to keep your freedoms.  Get involved.  The government of California is still adopting policies to reduce water supplies, drive up water rates, increase our debtexpand government power over our free markets, drive up energy costs, and develop an environmental police state.

The new water bill that has come out of Sacramento and was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger this past week is filled with flaws.  It is proof that bipartisan compromise just creates an endless bureaucracy determined to raise taxes, increase deficits, reduce supplies of basic necessities like water and electricity, and develop a new environmental police state eager to impose fines and penalties for those who just want to survive.  The Governor has failed to stand up for the people.  His attempt to appease his opponents has only created more unelected officials who answer to no one but special interests.

This bill adds $11.1 billion of debt to our state, reduces water supplies, increases rates, and dismantles hydroelectric dams across the Northwest.  California’s electric rates will rise along with the water rates.  This bill flies in the face of economic common sense.

It is time to stop this nonsense.  It is time for California to elect a Governor who is one of the people.  Someone who will represent the people and not the special interests.  Someone who will oppose environmentalists who devalue human life.  Someone who will bring our jobs back, our farms back, and our freedoms back.  In 2010 California will say good-by to the Terminator.  This time he won’t be back.


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Schwarzenegger to hold press conference tomorrow on water.

Governor Schwarzenegger has invited farmers and farmworkers to gather with him tomorrow on the Capitol Steps for a press conference on water. He is fighting the California legislature over the government created drought. He has threatened to veto all bills unless there is an immediate solution to the water crisis.

If the Governor can find a way to provide water back to the farmers, he will be a hero along with all of those who have fought all year long to restore common sense to our government.

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Betrayed by their own representatives – the plight of California families.


This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

The people of the state of California are under attack.  A war is being waged against them by their own government.  It is not just one party but both Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats in both the State and Federal legislature, and a Republican governor who has fallen for the deceptions of the propaganda of environmental terrorism.

All of the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to make sure the farmers of this state do not have enough water to keep their farms solvent.  They mandate reclamation for extremist environmental groups who want to turn Central California back into its natural desert state.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.


The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

 The legislature used the climate change hoax to pass an extremely oppressive Cap and Trade bill which will completely destroy California’s economy, AB 32.  If the Governor does not issue an executive order to restore water supplies immediately, family farms will be wiped out and turned into barren wasteland.  This eco-terrorism will insure the demise of freedoms for all Californians.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

Not only has this destroyed the wealth of three generations, but these policies are directly responsible for the devalued real estate across the state.  The land which was once worth billions as valuable productive property is now barren desert.  Banks will not extend credit to farms that cannot produce a crop.  Crops cannot be produced without water.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

The current water restrictions are based solely on false science, deceptions, and an environmetal lobby that has sold out completely to foreign interests like George Soros.  In fact the current restrictions insure a total runoff of available water supplies during the rainy season.  The nonsense policies of this state keep the water in upstate reservoirs instead of flowing it down to the areas that need it, so when the winter rains come the full reservoirs cannot store the new water.  It has no place to go but runoff into the sea.  It is part of the stupid policies of environmental activists determined to undermine our economy for the benefit of the foreign interests who fund them.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop.  Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop. Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

In fact if the water was allowed to flow to the farms, California’s budget deficit would disappear.  The unemployment rate would not be 40%.  Real Estate values would return.  Banks would become more solvent.  Everyone in the state would benefit.  So why don’t the politicians do the right thing?  They are blinded by their own greed and arrogance.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Pelosi and Obama are turning this country into a petty socialist dictatorship.  All of their efforts are designed to destroy free market capitalism.  They are more subtle than Hugo Chavez, but far more dangerous.

Our message is clear.  Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Our message is clear. Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Next week:  Interviews with the farmers of the Central Valley.


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