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Don’t stop believing

Some of you may have heard, and some may not have heard, but there is political news now in the making.  Several weeks ago I decided to enter the race in the Republican primary to be the next Governor of the State of California.    The reason for this is very simple.  After spending this past year crisscrossing this state and traveling up and down the west coast it has become apparent that the entrenched bureaucracy in Sacramento needs new leadership.  It is amazing to me that many politicians make excuses or cite legal reasons why nothing can be done to save our farmers and our economy.  I cannot stand by another election and just hope for change.

So as we start 2010 I have formed a grassroots campaign staff.  Currently it is comprised completely of volunteers.  These are average Californians who are suffering under the oppression of the fat cat political machines that have become accustomed to destroying the wealth of our families, sending our jobs out of state, and constantly offering tax increase after tax increase to solve our problems.  This nonsense must stop here and it must stop now.

It is time for California to elect one of the people for Governor.  Someone who can bring together all of those individuals and businesses who continue to struggle under the weight of a overregulatory legislature that cares nothing for the people they serve, but only does the bidding of foreign interests who want to undermine our freedoms and eliminate our rights.

I’m not ignoring the problem.  I’m going to solve it.  By the time I’m finished California will be fully employed and prosperous again.  Real estate values will increase, taxes will be lower, energy costs will go down, and the budget will be balanced.  I will do this by returning to the limited government and fiscal responsibility that made us number one in education, number one in economic prosperity, and number one in leadership in this country.  We will turn our water back on, restore our agricultural sector, strengthen our borders, increase the exploration and development of fossil fuels, and stay committed to our core family values.  Please join my team to make California great again. 

You can visit my campaign site naritelli2010.com for more details on the major issues facing our state and how I plan to solve them.  It will not be easy but if we all work together we will turn this state around and return it to the greatness it once had under Ronald Reagan.  We will reduce taxes and regulations across the board, bring jobs back to our state, and hold accountable those who have tried to undermine our freedoms with false science and environmental extremism. 

I will not tolerate duplicity and deception in our legislature, nor in my own party.  My current opponents have supported Al Gore and Barbara Boxer.  They have funded the Democratic party and have not even voted in the last decade.  The people of this state deserve better.  The people of this state deserve a leader who will stand up for values and principles that made our country great.  I ask all of you to give me a fair evaluation and choose me to be the next Governor of this great state.    

God bless all of you and don’t stop believing!



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Sacramento, the shot heard round the world.

The start of a new revolution.

The start of a new revolution.

At the start of the first American Revolution the first shots were fired at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts  in 1775.  This  event was memorialized as the shot heard round the world in the first stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “The Concord Hymn.”

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard ’round the world.”

On August 28th, 2009 the farmers, truckers, loggers, and the people of California are now fighting for their lives against the big government oppression that is bankrupting them and seizing their land and assets.  This time though their shots are not from the barrels of muskets, but from their words and signs as the next American Revolution begins

First order of business was to sing the pledge and check the sound system.

At no time was there any indication that anyone other than hard working Americans from all parties were in attendence.  Each one with a message for freedom.  

With help from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association the stage was set for dozens of speakers who oppose the eco-tyranny being waged by the politicians of this state.  One main theme was that cutting off water supplies is an act of war by the government against its own people.

Second order of business, thanking Americas veterans.

Ben Bergquam lead the progression of tractors with a casket to illustrate how the government is killing the economy.  It was very clear that this is a peaceful revolution to preserve the rights of we the people.

Invoking the memory of founding father Patrick Henry, Americans expressed their opposition to the extreme environmental policies of the State and Federal Governments.  Piedad Ayala spoke with eloquence for the people of the Central Valley who have lost their jobs due to nonsense environemntal rulings. 

Once again We the People must stand together and oppose the tyranny and oppression of those in our own government who are working with foreign interests to undermine our Constitution and take away our freedoms. 

It is time to stop the nonsense of breaking water contracts under the judgements from the Endangered Species Act.  The people’s rights come first.   

Mankind turns the environment green.  It is corrupt politicians who make it barren.  Shame on you Nancy Pelosi.  This is what you did.


This environment would be green with a little water.

This environment would be green with a little water.

At noon truckers and loggers from Northern California surrounded the Capitol with 300 vehicles as they circled it all afternoon to bring down the walls of power that are oppressing the people.

Congressman Devin Nunes spoke about the reality of today’s Environmentalists.

Mason Weaver motivated the crowd of American Patriots.

The message to the politicians was very clear.  The people no longer believe in the deceptions of environmental extremism.  We want our jobs back.  We want our water back.  We want our land back.  We want our country back.  This is the angry mob that the Democrats and the media have warned you about. 

They will be appearing across the country for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow:  More from Sacramento.


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