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Farming California – Trying to survive the Terminator

Here in America we live in a land of plenty.  Our land is so rich that it only takes water to create bountiful harvests for our holiday tables.  When we sit down to feast on that last Thursday in November it is important to gives thanks for the valuable abundance produced by the people of our state.

With the drought affecting the west side of the Central Valley, farmers are trying to survive with their remaining crops on the east side.  Those who are not fortunate enough to have east side water, are dried up right out of business.  Now, with new releases from the Friant Dam, east side groves have become the next target of environmental extremists trying to destroy our land.

Before new water restrictions are imposed, it is important to see some of the benefits to our economy provided by our agricultural sector.  This is where it all starts.  This is where our food comes from.  Harvest time in Central California, means jobs, but only if you had water for your crop.

Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms describes harvest time in the walnut groves of his family’s agricultural business.

When we water walnuts we create a win win situation.  The crops produced increase wealth for many families who work our land. 

These are good people.  Hard working Americans who dedicate themselves to feeding the world.  And, as Jeremy describes, after the machine harvest the remaining nuts are shared with neighbors and friends throughout the community. 

These are the people who make our country free.  These are the people who make our country great.  These are the people who create jobs with water.  Without water, walnuts will wither.  Jobs then disappear.  One small grove generates employment for many workers, vendors, truckers, and corporations.

Our farming community is the most ecologically sound segment of our society.  The people here do everything known to man to preserve our environment and maximize the sun’s energy.  They generate more energy with their crops than any solar panel or windmill in existence.  The food grown here increases output at every stage of production.  Farmers are masters at capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into carbohydrates and proteins. 

Here Jeremy shows us a silage corn field that produces feed for dairy cattle.  The milks and butters necessary for holiday cooking come from corn-fed dairy cows.   

There is an art to this science.  Everything is measured.  It is essential to follow efficient practices in order to maximize the farm’s output.  Free market competition forces the family farmer to keep his land well-ordered.  Every inch of land is maximized for greatest efficiency.

So how many ears of corn do you get from each stalk?  Six to seven-foot tall stalks 6 inches apart fill thousands of acres of corn fields across our country.  Imagine how many ears are needed just to fill our movie theaters with popcorn.

Any environmentalist who supports diverting water away from the farmers is not an environmentalist at all.  They are complete hypocrites who are eliminating green jobs and increasing the costs of our food production.  In addition the dust storms are increasing air pollution.  Dry fields are brown, wet fields are green.

There is a science to irrigating such large acres of land.  Jeremy describes the irrigation systems for a tomato field in the west side of the Central Valley.

These irrigation systems require engineers to design the equipment, vendors to supply the sprinkler heads and pipes, and farmers to operate, maintain and monitor them.  All jobs that come from the wealth of the land as it uses water to produce its increase.

But the jobs do not stop there as the crop must be harvested and brought to market.  How is that done?  Once again Jeremy described the next step in the process that uses water to produce jobs and food for all of California’s families.

If you want to keep our country great.  If you want our state to increase jobs.  If you want to keep your freedoms.  Get involved.  The government of California is still adopting policies to reduce water supplies, drive up water rates, increase our debtexpand government power over our free markets, drive up energy costs, and develop an environmental police state.

The new water bill that has come out of Sacramento and was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger this past week is filled with flaws.  It is proof that bipartisan compromise just creates an endless bureaucracy determined to raise taxes, increase deficits, reduce supplies of basic necessities like water and electricity, and develop a new environmental police state eager to impose fines and penalties for those who just want to survive.  The Governor has failed to stand up for the people.  His attempt to appease his opponents has only created more unelected officials who answer to no one but special interests.

This bill adds $11.1 billion of debt to our state, reduces water supplies, increases rates, and dismantles hydroelectric dams across the Northwest.  California’s electric rates will rise along with the water rates.  This bill flies in the face of economic common sense.

It is time to stop this nonsense.  It is time for California to elect a Governor who is one of the people.  Someone who will represent the people and not the special interests.  Someone who will oppose environmentalists who devalue human life.  Someone who will bring our jobs back, our farms back, and our freedoms back.  In 2010 California will say good-by to the Terminator.  This time he won’t be back.



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Obama’s oligarchical oppression – no water, lots of pollution

On Thursday, October 15, 2009 President Obama went to San Francisco for a fund raiser where he accepted upwards of $2 million from the elitist of the elite environmental extremists for his efforts to keep the water away from not just California’s farmers, but everyone in the state.  By using his Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, as the merchant of drought, Obama hopes to avoid blame for the catastrophic devastation his policies have wrought on the state of California.  The shortages that are being created of our most basic necessity are driving up water rates for everyone who lives here.

Even now the federal government is seizing more control over all of California’s water supplies and diverting them away from farms and people.  They claim that they are trying to restore the San Joaquin Delta’s eco-system, but in reality they are pumping pollution into the rivers and the estuaries.  Each day up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage is dumped into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its associated waterways.

water can grow crops too!

water can grow crops too!

The high levels of amonia just from Sacramento are enough to keep the salmon away.  Sacramento adds 125,000 gallons of amonia per month to the Delta, far more than any other source.  If you want to see what happens to fish in water with high levels of amonia just set up a fish tank without a filter.  Your fish will be dead in a week from swimming in their own waste.  But it is easily treated with a simple CARBON filter.  Yes carbon, no element is more essential to life than carbon.  It is the structural basis for many compounds that comprise the living cell.

So instead of cleaning up their sewage the politicians in Sacramento swim in it by passing laws to divert water away from the farmers and the people.  They say they are protecting the environment when they are actually polluting it and placing the people in great danger by refusing to keep adequate above ground storage.  Enormous amounts of runoff flow out to the sea when it could be captured for irrigation. 

Efficiently capturing carbon for human energy with water and sunlight

Efficiently capturing carbon for human energy with water and sunlight

It is true that rainfall has been less than average for the past three years, but not that much so.  The real reason for the drought is the shut down of the pumps that fill the reservoirs during the rainy season, and the draining of existing storage to flush sewage out to sea.  These measures have created a monumental disaster to the environment and the economy of the state and the nation.

President Obama callously showed his ability to ignore the truth by flying over the affected areas without one thought of recognition.  He shows no signs of easing up on the water restrictions that are turning California from a green state into a brown one. 

Green no more

Green no more

The human toll is astounding.  The children and grand children of multi-generational family farms are being squeezed out of business by a government that is in the pockets of organizations dedicated to eco-tyranny.  These groups will do everything they can to blame farms far upstream from the real cause of danger to the fish.  Farms that create jobs and wealth throughout the state.  Environmental organizations are engaged in a relentless push to overturn 100 years of progress that made California the most productive farm land in the world.

The farms are a source of wealth and pride for this state.  It takes hard work and dedication to work the land.  Give us our water back, we paid for those dams and aquaducts with our own sweat and tears.

Long hours in a hot sun with temperatures often reaching 100 degrees

Long hours in a hot sun with temperatures often reaching 100 degrees

Jeremy Freitas of Freitas farms shared some of his family’s history with me on my last visit to the Central Valley.  All of the people of central California have strong family bonds that pass down their tribal knowledge of farming from generation to generation.  These great Americans have sacrified all of their lives to make our country great and strong.  They are now under attack by a President determined to bankrupt them with water restrictions as his government works to undermine our economy and our environment.

These farmers deserve our admiration and respect for they are the backbone of this state.  The efforts of the Federal government to eliminate their water supplies under the guise of conservation is nothing more than a huge land grab by an oppressive oligarchy that is working for foreign interests.  By reducing water allocations to 10% the government has cut off the financial ability for these farms to survive for water is money, water is jobs, water is life. 

Without the ability to produce a crop the land values plunge, depressing real estate prices across the state.  This collapse spread through the banking system and was a contributor to the entire financial crisis.

Everyone across the country is feeling the effects of this oppression.  The President is directing his wrath against America’s greatest citizens as his punitive punishments affect families of all races and all income levels.  The food lines increase every week and so do the budget deficits. 

Volunteers help distribute food to displaced farmworkers in Huron, c

Volunteers help distribute food to displaced farmworkers in Huron, CA

As his arrogance blinds him to his own incompetence, the President now offers tax increases as the solution.  Turn the water on you foolish man.  You are hurting America’s people as well as its fish.  Your policies have harmed multiple generations.  Do you have a heart at all?  Why do you use the Endangered Species Act to justify this tyranny?  We the people see through you and your party.  The water restrictions are your albatross.  Stop harming these innocent hard working families.

When I first met Jeremy Freitas last summer he was with his dad, Joe, at a meeting with some of the other great people in the Central Valley who are united in this fight against the government.  Joe is a Vietnam Veteran who served his country in the Southeast Asian war of the last century.  While we talked about the current government oppression, Mr. Freitas, Joe, broke down.  The tears welled up and he began to cry as he remembered the men he fought with and watched die for our country and our flag.  He knows what it is like to be on the front lines of a war.  Jeremy spoke with great respect when he shared the story of his father’s service to our country.

Emotions run high with America’s veterans; they see what is happening to our country.  Our flag stands for freedom, but President Obama is trying to change that with his policy of water tyranny. 

Cutting off water is an act of war and has been since the dawn of mankind.  Barak Obama you are not Caesar.  We do not have an emperor, we only have a president.  Stop waging war against us with your environmental police.  

At first the blame was placed solely on President Bush, who was foolish to believe in anything that came out of the Pelosi House, but once in office President Obama intensified the oppression, seized more water, and eliminated the ability of the farmers to fund their operations.  Bank’s won’t lend to a farmer who has no water because dust is not a cash crop.

Valuable crop of cotton waiting for harvest

Valuable crop of cotton waiting for harvest

 This is not Bush’s disaster as he kept environmental extremists at bay; it is a direct effort on the part of Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and the entire progressive movement to undermine our Constitution.  This is the reason they have created the Global Warming Fraud and Climate Change Hoax, to steal our land and our freedoms.  They will use the EPA to bypass Congress and crush free markets as they work for the enemies of our country.  Those who attack capitalism and profits are enemies of the American people. 

We are now at the mercy of a compassionless President determined to change our way of life from one of a dedicated and productive work ethic to one that is completely dependent on government control.  The President’s policies push everyone into poverty as he wipes out the wealth of our nation while increasing pollution in our rivers and streams.

In the last 3 years, as more water has been diverted away from the farms and reservoirs, the salmon runs have declined.  Rather than address the cause of the problem the government breaks water contracts with the family farms that have paid for the irrigation systems with decades of tax revenues and hard work.  This intentional negligence has a purpose and it is not to enhance freedom and prosperity. 

The water now stored in dams and reservoirs for the farmers is being washed out to sea without deriving any economic or environmental benefit from the process.  If that water was given to the farmers, we would have lower unemployment, lower tax rates, lower deficits, higher real estate values, and a much stronger economy. 

Efficient methods to utilize every drop of water

Efficient methods to utilize every drop of water

This is common sense that seems to have eluded the politicians who work for the Obama Oligarchy.  They cut off the water out of ignorance or arrogance.  If it is the former they are unfit for office; if it is the latter they are bordering on treason.

It even gets much worse as the reduction in fresh water supplies cause increases in energy usage.  The water conservation measures force farmers to pump wells with electricity and diesel.  None of the negative effects of the environmental nonsense were considered by the President and his cronies when they instituted the restrictions recommended by anti-American interest groups out to damage our economy. 

As Jeremy described the government’s policies to increase costs and energy usage, we drove past miles of fallow ground.  The stark barren landscape was once a beautiful and bountiful field of green crops that absorbed greenhouse gases, reduced dusty air pollution, and generated economic benefits for everyone in the state.  Water is available for all of these fields, but eco-tyrants work with a corrupt Federal and State legislature to keep the pumps and irrigation systems turned off with draconian water restrictions unheard of in American history. 

So the result of this catastrophic policy is a state plunging into bankruptcy.  High deficits go higher.  Reservoirs go lower.  Unemployment goes up.  Prosperity goes down.  You cannot deny the damage you are inflicting anymore Mr. President.  The devastation lays at your door.  Your hands are unclean.  Get your head out of the clouds.  You are the cause and so is your party.

Eastside above ground storage

Eastside above ground storage

Now that the westside of the Central Valley has been laid waste, the administration is working closely with members of his party who want to dry up the eastside by releasing more valuable water resources from the Friant Dam.  The excuse is to restore rivers that have not existed for decades; the reality is they want to send more untreated sewage into the San Joaquin Delta.

How much longer will the people of California have to put up with this nonsense?  The restrictions are being imposed by the Feds, and the Democrats in Congress continuously vote with Pelosi and Feinstein to destroy California’s families by restricting water to selected areas.  They pick and choose their victims arrogantly determining who gets water and who doesn’t.  So far they have voted to mix it with sewage and pump it into the Delta when they should have voted to grow food and clothes for the world. 

Do you want these people in charge of your health care?  If they can cut off your water they can cut off your doctor.

It is time to stand up to this eco-tyranny.  It is time to stand up and save our country.


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Farming California – The economic benefits of water

A field of lettuce brings jobs, wealth, and absorbs carbon dioxide.  It is as green as it gets.

When irrigated, a field of lettuce brings jobs, wealth, and absorbs carbon dioxide. It is as green as it gets.

The backbone of California’s economy is the agricultural sector of the Central Valley.  This flat plain that sits between the coastal and eastern mountain ranges is blessed with some of the richest soil in the world.  Unfortunately it is naturally dry and arid, unable to sustain life without a man made irrigation system.  Fortunately, when Americans settled in the Central Valley during the last century, they built reservoirs and irrigation systems to turn the dry, brown landscape into a lush green valley providing all types of food products for the entire world.

I spent a day with one of the valley’s multi generation farmers, Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms.  Jeremy is a 4th generation family farmer who gave me a full tour of his family’s agricultural operation.

He showed me just some of the crops that are produced there.  It was a warm sunny day at the end of September with a brisk wind blowing across the plains as a small cold front passed through the night before.  Temperatures were in the 70’s, about 20 degrees cooler than the previous week when the temperatures hovered around 100 degrees in the last gasp of summer.

We drove along the straight, flat roads for miles to our first stop, a collection pond that captures well water to irrigate the fields.  It is protected by a windbreak of eucalyptus trees as the wind whipped across the plains.

Well water is not as good as the water from the aquaduct due to the higher salt content and it is ususally more expensive.  Wells are not cheap and there is no guarantee of success when drilling.  It is also more costly as it needs to be pumped with diesel or electric motors. 

Not only do the farmers use the collection ponds for well water pumped from deep below the surface, they also use these ponds to collect runoff or tailwater from their irrigation ditches.

Efficiency is essential when water allocations have been cut back to 10% by the Federal Government because of the Biological Opinions that protect the salmon, smelt, and whales.  The farmers have been declared expendable by judges and environmental groups so they resort to whatever methods they can use to survive.  Water is used instead of herbicides as they have developed ways to reuse tailwater to eradicate weeds before planting a crop of organic tomatoes.  Without water, weeds win.

We then drove further west to a well site next to a Pima Cotton field.  As the wind blew steadily, Jeremy described how well water is limited in its ability to provide for all areas available to grow. 

Pima cotton is a superior blend of cotton, that is extremely durable and absorbant.  Sometimes referred to as Egyptian cotton, it’s origins date back to its cultivation in Peru, but it is named after the Pima native Americans who first cultivated the plant in the U.S.  The long fibers make it the highest quality cotton in the world and it is mostly grown here in California’s Central Valley.  So it is not just our food supply that is in danger.  Every commodity grown is rapidly being out-sourced to foreign nations.

Jeremy then showed me where the water supplies from the aquaduct are distributed to these fields.  The aquaduct contains the water that comes from the northern part of the state.  This is the water that is being restricted due to the politics that values fish but not people. 

The water allowances for the people were reduced to 0% earlier this year.  That is correct, the people were cut to zero as the fish were given 100% of the allocations.  When the farmers screamed the politicians gave in and allowed the farmers to have 10% of their allocations.  So the fish are now valued 9 times greater than the taxpayers.  This is the definition of environmental extremism in all of its nonsense.

We continued through the valley driving for miles past dusty fallowed ground until we eventually found one of the areas that is currently in production.  A lettuce field was attended by a crew of dedicated workers who labored for hours in the strong winds and blistering sun of Central California.  Methodically they hand picked every weed away from the crop to maintain the highest quality.  Jeremy described this laborious process:

You certainly cannot grow food without water.  This fact is the weapon used by environmentalists who are actively trying to destroy our economy.  The environmental groups have banded together to wage war on our farmers.  They falsely claim they want to restore the environment when in actuality they want to wipe out the family farmers by cutting off their source of revenue.  Fallowed land produces no crops.  It becomes an economic drag on balance sheets and financial stability.  It is criminal for these so called do gooders to be allowed to wage economic war against our people and our country.  The financial burdens are unnecessary and the damage can sometimes be irreversable.

Stay alive Jeremy.  We the people hear the cries of our the heros of the Central Valley.  The dams and irrigation systems were built for you.  The were bought and paid for by the taxes and lives of your ancesters.  The environmental organizations have no right to take the water away. 

Fish cannot gain human rights with the legal shenanigans of these groups.  Our Constitution was written by men for the human race not the fish.  Cutting off the water to our farmers and using smelt as an excuse is completely unconstitutional.  Any politician who supports such nonsense must be thrown out of office for incompetance. 

Jeremy’s ancestors are the heros of the last century.  They turned the land green and made it valuable.  With proper management and common sense there can be Water for All.  It is time to put the management of California’s precious resources into the hands of responsible people who have not sold us out.  The needs of the people come first, and with good leadership we can irrigate our farms and restore value to this state. 

Next time:  Eastside water, the Friant Dam, corn, walnuts, and salmon.  Also an update on the efforts of Governor Schwarzenegger to get the water back for the farmers.

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The Era of Change – Obama and Pelosi to wipe out capitalism.

With millions of Americans marching through Washington, D.C. and around the country, the fringe media outlets continue to ignore the people.  Obama himself fled the Capitol on 9/12.  Clearly he is in fear that all of his deceptions are being exposed.  His propaganda machines have gone into overtime as he quickly distracts the country away from the eco-tyranny that is spreading within his Administration.

Economic war is being waged on the American people by leftist politicians and domestic enemies of our Constitution.  They plan to take over all industries that provide life-sustaining goods or services such as water, electricity, food, and fuel.  Once the government has bankrupted the private markets it will assume full control over everything.

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

The water restrictions in California are the first definitive acts of war by the government against the people.  Without concern for the economic and environmental damage, the government is rapidly destroying the agricultural industry of the state.  Once the farmers are bankrupted the land is laid waste.  The loss in tax revenues from the formerly profitable enterprises gives the legislature a circular logic excuse to raise tax rates and drive more individuals and small businesses into bankruptcy.

It is a spiral down into the abyss of socialist tyranny and oppression.  The food lines in California’s Central Valley are either an example of the ironic stupidity of Nancy Pelosi and her environmental extremism or an example of her dictatorial despotism.   The Speaker of the House of Representatives is a complete disgrace to the people of her state.  She is a disgusting despot who cares nothing about the damage she is causing with her economic warfare and eco-tyranny.

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

The family farms she is destroying have been operating for generations.  Generations who built the aqueducts and irrigation systems that turned dry fertile soil into the greenest and most fruitful and productive farms in the world.  They made our country great and strong.  Nancy Pelosi wants us to be weak and vulnerable.  This is why she deliberately and methodically cut off the water supplies in an act of war against the people she is suppose to represent.

Pelosi and Obama took their jobs and sent them overseas.

Pelosi and Obama took our jobs and sent them overseas.

These irrigation systems have already been paid for by generations of taxpayers across this whole state.  Shutting off the water supplies is creating shortages and price increases that are affecting everyone.

Foreign powers who are jealous of our freedoms have spent billions on propaganda campaigns to undermine our free market system with false science and nonsense environmental policies.  They want to eliminate capitalism in our country because that is one of our greatest strengths.  It produces the profits and wealth that have made us the world’s strongest force for freedom in history.  Make no mistake about it; we won the Cold War when capitalism conquered socialism.  Our enemies know this.  They saw how socialism slowly destroyed one state after another in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  So they developed environmental policies to instill socialist economic systems in America that would bankrupt us and bring us down from within.

Nancy Pelosi is currently leading this attack on our freedoms.  The first freedom to go was the freedom of the press.  Over the past decade several of the major media outlets have become fringe media that broadcast one sided news stories in an attempt to brainwash, mislead, and confuse the American public.  Advertising dollars from environmental and foreign political groups helped instill a news media in America that has become so irresponsible that it conceals how these groups are assailing our freedoms granted by the Constitution.  This media is as vile and corrupt as any in our history.  

Al Gore’s film “The Inconvenient Truth” was nothing more than the efforts of an angry loser to get back at the people who rejected him in a free and fair election.  The only reason he lost in 2000 was because he was rejected by the people of his own state who knew him the best.  Even today he presses President Obama to use the Presidency to trade away the freedoms of the American people to foreign interests from Copenhagen to Bali.  His goal is to use global governance to impose taxes on Americans that can be sold to foreign interest for profit.  The Cap and Trade policies of the Pelosi Congress are  meant to economically crush our people and send all of our wealth overseas to foreign fat cats like George Soros.

Pelosi assaults the other First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Assembly.  She uses scare tactics and warnings of false threats in the same way other dictators of the last century justified their police state acts of destruction.  Her crocodile tears about her days in San Francisco of the late 70’s failed to acknowledge that the violence she described was by members of her own party against each other when they ate Twinkies and drank too much cola.  She is a duplicitous enemy of freedom who demonizes Americans who stand up to her deceptions.  Her claim that we need to give up our freedoms for safety and security is more than slightly Stalinesque.

All of the bills that are working their way through the Pelosi Congress are structured to wipe out profitable enterprises in health care, transportation, energy and commerce.  She is backed by foreign extremists such as Michael Moore who have been undermining our way of life for decades.  No one was happier about the bankruptcy of the American auto industry than Michael Moore.  He gleefully dances in wealth and riches generated by his foreign socialist propaganda films, which are meant to eliminate our freedoms and instill socialist tyranny in the United States government, while the auto workers, investors, vendors, and customers are wiped out.

The water issue in California is just one part of Obama’s Orwellian government controls.  Our President is now actively engaged in a policy to dismantle the Constitution and create a new world government that will destroy our wealth, our individuality, our economy, and our military.  He is currently undermining the CIA and developing methods to free the 911 terrorists into this country.  He conceals his acts by using the media to focus on his attempts to destroy our health care system with a government run monopoly that will cut off medical care to people in order to control costs.   As Americans attend town halls to express their outrage, President Obama dismisses them as not worthy enough to speak out against him.

We have entered a new era in our history.  It is an era where domestic enemies of the people have taken power and control of our entire government.  They use environmental regulations that are based on lies such as the climate change hoax to impose taxes and fees to bankrupt our economy. 

Why does Nancy Pelosi want the water cut off from California family farms?  Why does she want the middle class to pay 90% tax rates?  Why does she want electric rates to quadruple?  Why does she support policies to increase our dependence on foreign oil and eliminate our access to coal and oil reserves?  Why does she want our jobs to be sent overseas?  Just who is she working for?  It certainly isn’t for the people of California’s Central Valley or any other part of the state.  She is domestic enemy number one! 

It is time for her to be removed from power before she destroys everything.  Contact your representatives.  Tell them that you oppose Pelosi’s tyranny.  Tell them to stop her before it is too late.  She can be removed from her role as Speaker tomorrow.  All it takes is for the will of the people to prevail upon the members of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives to vote her out.


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Sacramento Tea Party – truckers surround the Capitol

Circling the seats of power

Circling the seats of power

Seven times around the Capitol

all afternoon around the Capitol

make a long blast with the horn and the wall of the city shall fall down flat

then make a long blast with the horn and the wall of oppression shall fall down flat

Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA – the seat of power and oppression


Standing up to big government tyranny.

Standing up to big government tyranny.

American Patriots cling to the Constitution.

American Patriots cling to the Constitution.

"Rope and chains."

...read the signs, kill the bill!

The Democrats intentionally put these Americans out of work.

The Democrats intentionally put these Americans out of work.

What kind of tyrannt turns off the water to the farms?

What kind of tyrannt turns off the water to the farms?

The natives are restless Nancy Pelosi.

The natives are restless Nancy Pelosi.

Big Government does not create wealth, it takes wealth away.

Big Government does not create wealth, it takes wealth away.

CARB destroys business, Cap and Trade bankrupts the nation.

CARB destroys business, Cap and Trade bankrupts the nation.

The author of thecarbonmiracle.com thanks Congressman Nunes for fighting to get our water back.

The author of thecarbonmiracle.com thanks Congressman Nunes for fighting to get our water back.

thousands stand up to tyranny

thousands stand up to tyranny

Redress of grievances

United we stand!

the people listen

the people listen

accolades from the crowd

Mason Weaver received accolades from the crowd

United together to combat tyranny.

Mason Weaver and Piedad Ayala united together to combat tyranny.

Piedad Ayala, Dawn Wildman, Ben Bergquam

Piedad Ayala, Dawn Wildman, Ben Bergquam

The Democratic party has lost the trust of their own

The Democratic party has lost the trust of their own

...against all enemies bot foreign and DOMESTIC.

To protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

This is what the government did to our farmland.  The so called promise of GREEN jobs is not green at all.  It has made our farmers bankrupt and turned valuable cropland into barren desert.  Imagine what they would do to our health care system.

Government land reclamation.  Deny access to water until the farm goes bankrupt.  Then turn it into an environmental preserve and return it to it’s so called natural state. 

We the people will not put up with this nonsense anymore.  It is time to investigate the corruption in the environmental groups who are working to undermine our Constitution.

Later this week:  More from Sacramento – the truth about CARB


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Sacramento, the shot heard round the world.

The start of a new revolution.

The start of a new revolution.

At the start of the first American Revolution the first shots were fired at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts  in 1775.  This  event was memorialized as the shot heard round the world in the first stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “The Concord Hymn.”

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard ’round the world.”

On August 28th, 2009 the farmers, truckers, loggers, and the people of California are now fighting for their lives against the big government oppression that is bankrupting them and seizing their land and assets.  This time though their shots are not from the barrels of muskets, but from their words and signs as the next American Revolution begins

First order of business was to sing the pledge and check the sound system.

At no time was there any indication that anyone other than hard working Americans from all parties were in attendence.  Each one with a message for freedom.  

With help from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association the stage was set for dozens of speakers who oppose the eco-tyranny being waged by the politicians of this state.  One main theme was that cutting off water supplies is an act of war by the government against its own people.

Second order of business, thanking Americas veterans.

Ben Bergquam lead the progression of tractors with a casket to illustrate how the government is killing the economy.  It was very clear that this is a peaceful revolution to preserve the rights of we the people.

Invoking the memory of founding father Patrick Henry, Americans expressed their opposition to the extreme environmental policies of the State and Federal Governments.  Piedad Ayala spoke with eloquence for the people of the Central Valley who have lost their jobs due to nonsense environemntal rulings. 

Once again We the People must stand together and oppose the tyranny and oppression of those in our own government who are working with foreign interests to undermine our Constitution and take away our freedoms. 

It is time to stop the nonsense of breaking water contracts under the judgements from the Endangered Species Act.  The people’s rights come first.   

Mankind turns the environment green.  It is corrupt politicians who make it barren.  Shame on you Nancy Pelosi.  This is what you did.


This environment would be green with a little water.

This environment would be green with a little water.

At noon truckers and loggers from Northern California surrounded the Capitol with 300 vehicles as they circled it all afternoon to bring down the walls of power that are oppressing the people.

Congressman Devin Nunes spoke about the reality of today’s Environmentalists.

Mason Weaver motivated the crowd of American Patriots.

The message to the politicians was very clear.  The people no longer believe in the deceptions of environmental extremism.  We want our jobs back.  We want our water back.  We want our land back.  We want our country back.  This is the angry mob that the Democrats and the media have warned you about. 

They will be appearing across the country for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow:  More from Sacramento.


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