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Department of Water Resources announcement. Tighter water restrictions, government’s drought to continue.

The following release (below photo) was issued by the bureaucrats who have decided to use the government to bankrupt family farms and raise water rates across the state under the fraudulent excuse of saving the fish.    

These very low estimates of future water supplies reflect the ongoing and increasing impact of the federal restrictions on pumping water through the Delta.  Last year at this time DWR’s initial allocation was 15 percent.  This year, the state and federal reservoirs are higher than they were last year and Northern California has received 90 percent of its normal precipitation, yet DWR’s allocation is only five percent.  The reason for this reduction has a lot to do with the limitations on moving water and the fact that the additional restrictions that were imposed on behalf of the salmon (not an endangered species) are taking full effect for the first time this year.  

So the water is cut off for a fish we serve in every restaurant in the country; a fish that is farmed.  This is outright tyranny. 

The government is continuing to use its authority to intentionally depress real estate values, raise water rates, and raise electric rates across the state.  They will continue to reduce supplies of basic necessities to wipe out generations of wealth.  All Californians will be effected.  

It is time to investigate the corruption in our government agencies starting with DWR Director Lester A. Snow.  See his quote below where he actually blames a non-existent drought for the complete mismanagement of our water systems by the Schwarzenegger Administration.  It is time to get rid of the negligent bureaucrats who have embraced Marxism, the global warming fraud, and the climate change hoax.  They are either insensitive or ignorant of the financial impacts of this announcement.  

property values drop from government water restrictions

Sacramento, Calif. December 1, 2009 – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced an initial allocation of five percent of total contracted water deliveries to the State Water Project (SWP) contractors for 2010. Five percent is the lowest initial allocation percentage since the SWP began delivering water in 1967. 

“The Legislature took a major step forward earlier this month to address the state’s water needs by heeding Governor Schwarzenegger’s call and passing the most comprehensive water package in California history,” said DWR Director Lester A. Snow. “Nevertheless, on the heels of a three-year drought, we need to prepare now so that we have adequate water supplies for homes, farms and businesses.” 

The previous low for an initial allocation as a percentage of SWP contractors’ requests was 10 percent in 1993, but that number was increased to 100 percent during the year as supply conditions improved. The initial figure for 2009 of 15 percent was increased to a final allocation of 40 percent in May. 

The historical average of final SWP allocations as a percentage of initial requests over the past 10 years has been 68 percent. 

The initial allocation is a very conservative estimate of what DWR expects it can deliver as a percentage of SWP contractors’ initial requests for contracted water deliveries for a calendar year. 

This year, the contractors have requested 100 percent of the maximum contractual amount allowed — 4,171,996 acre-feet. While the initial 2010 allocation is only five percent of that amount, actual deliveries are expected to increase during the year once actual hydrologic and water supply conditions are known. SWP contractors provide water to more than 25 million California residents and more than 750,000 acres of farmland. 

The initial allocation figure reflects the low carryover storage levels in the state’s major reservoirs, ongoing drought conditions and federally mandated environmental restrictions on water deliveries from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to protect endangered fish species in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. 

The Department of Fish and Game’s most recent survey indexes indicate that all four Delta pelagic fish species (Delta smelt, Longfin smelt, Striped bass and Threadfin shad) are at their lowest-ever population levels. 

DWR will continue to monitor water supply conditions and drought impacts to identify any necessary supplemental response actions this year and will move aggressively to plan for a potentially dry 2010 in coordination with other state, federal and local agencies and the water community. 

The announcement is part of the Department’s effort to implement Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Drought Executive Order (S-06-08) directing DWR to help local water districts and agencies proactively address these conditions.


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Governor Schwarzenegger fights to save his people and his legacy.

As the state of California continues to suffer some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the midst of a war that will determine his legacy.  On Friday October 9, 2009 he acknowledged the efforts of all of the water coalitions and the Tea Parties around the state who are “putting the spotlight on this very important issue.” 

The rallies are having an impact as the progressives scramble to explain the destructive results of their nonsense policies.  California’s water warriors will welcome the Governor’s voice in this struggle, but they will not waver in the fight for freedom.  The Federal Government has overstepped its authority.  This battle is going to define the Governor’s legacy as the legislature uses the false science of climate change to justify their despotism. 

Fighting California's water wars

Fighting California's water wars

Our Governor has learned that attempts at compromise with the policies of environmental extremists have backfired.  These well funded organizations have used their money and influence in a machine like fashion to instill nonsense regulations designed to destroy agribusiness across the entire state. 

Their combined efforts have the efficiency of the terminators of the Governor’s past film roles as heartless politicians at both the Federal and State levels crush the people with big government restrictions on water, “the lifeblood of everything we do.”  This oppression has created massive levels of unemployment that are unprecedented in American history. 

His legacy now parallels his film roles as he changes from being part of the machine-like oppressors of the environmental extremists, to a warrior against them in the battle for freedom.  Indeed the destruction of the farmland reduces the absorption of greenhouse gases and increases air pollution while contaminating our rivers with sewage and ammonia that kill the salmon.  The hoaxers and charlatans still try to spin a web of deceit as they try to justify the diversion of water away from the people.  When they cut off the water to our farms they showed their true colors.  

The progressives in our government are not green but brown, intent on creating a society based on the audacity of hope.  They even claim that the whales of the Puget Sound need the water more than the farmers.  This is the nonsense used by our oppressors.

Formerly a patchwork of green is now just fallowed fields of dust.

Formerly a patchwork of green is now just fallowed fields of dust.

Now all of the people must unite together to stop the army of heartless terminators masquerading as scientists, attorneys, and politicians.  These highly paid operatives care not for the people.  They destroy our food supply, and dismantle our water systems in the name of protecting the environment.  The  reality is their actions have destroyed our ecosystems and our economy.  They wipe out our capitalist system and eliminate profits in an attempt to bankrupt the family farmers.  The water restrictions are a financial disaster as they create a loss of revenues for both the agri-businesses and the state. 

The domestic enemies of the people are well funded and well entrenched.  When the President of the United States won the Nobel Peace Prize it was at the same time his administration is waging a water war against his own people.  California’s budget deficits are now mushrooming as the President’s policies wipe out profitable businesses across the state.  His war on capitalism is bankrupting the state government as tax receipts drop proportionately with the drop in profits.  Blindly he plunges the people into poverty as generations of wealth evaporate.    


The people stand behind the Governor:  "United we will win."

The people stand behind the Governor: "United we will win."

The shut down of the pumps has not just blocked irrigation to the farms.  It has also stopped the filling of our reservoirs during the rainy season.  Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms showed me an aerial view of the effects of these policies that have amplified the drought.

This is the foolish logic of eco-tyrants.  Governor, please tell the legislature and the President that here in California we like to fill the reservoirs when it rains.  Turn those pumps back on.  It is incompetent negligence to allow the water to run off rather than be stored during our rainy season.  If you do not fill them this winter you will be very sorry next summer especially since the Friant Dam is now being drained in the same way.

Fortunately as the word gets out some members of the legislature are starting to listen.  They are aligning with the people, the leaders of the Tea Party movement, and water coalitions to save our state from this unnatural disaster.  These American patriots who cling to the Constitution do not accept the lies and false science anymore.  They want their water back.  They want their freedoms back.  They want their country back.  We live in a Republic not a Democracy.  There is a major difference and the California water wars are a perfect example of how Democrats rule like an oppressive oligarchy.

What do you do when the government turns off your water?

What do you do when the government turns off your water?

History is at a turning point.  We are united in our fight against this eco-tyranny.  A government that wages war against its own people is a government that must be removed from power. 

The Obama Administration has been adamant in its reliance on false science to engage in these destructive acts.  They are not fooling anyone.  The people know when they are being hoodwinked.  Obama is forcing the people of California into food lines as the water restrictions destroy the economy of the state.  Budget deficits rise as the President coordinates the oppression with Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic legislature.  The entire contingent of politicians in the Democratic Party is working against the people of California.  They continue to drive up unemployment to increase poverty and dependence upon socialist handouts.

The Republicans in the legislature are fighting for the people.  Senators Dave Codgill and Dennis Hollingsworth spoke about their years of work and efforts to solve our water issues.  Senator Codgill described the difficulties in this fight as the opposition is strong like the relentless pursuit of the terminator machines.  Senator Hollingsworth described how San Diego is leading the effort with a desalinization plant in Carlsbad. 

Governor Schwarzenegger stands behind Senator Dave Codgill in the war over water.

Governor Schwarzenegger stands behind Senator Dave Codgill in the war over water.

Senator  Hollingsworth did not mention that his uncle Bill Hollingsworth was instrumental in leading the effort to get the Olivenhain Dam built, the largest dam built in the United States in the last 50 years.  So we want to acknowledge how he comes from a family that has worked for decades to make our state strong and prosperous.  The truth is that generations of Californians have struggled for the last hundred years to build the irrigation systems for our farms and our people. 

Aubrey Bettencourt of the California Water Alliance spoke about her family and how the family farms are the backbone of California’s economy.  These are the people who are under attack by the politicians who want to terminate the family farms like heartless machines bent on relentless destruction.  It is an amazing parallel to the Governor’s character in his films.  

She was followed by Danny Curtain of the California Carpenter’s Conference  whose members came to show solidarity and unity with the Tea Parties and the Water Coalitions.

California is in the midst of a battle against tyranny and the food lines are the front lines of California’s Water Wars.  The devastating economic effects are spreading throughout the state as water rates climb 20 times faster than the rate of inflation.  Even now the political powers have started to release more water from the reservoirs during the middle of a 3 year drought in a move that will create more supply shortages which will affect more than farmers and jeopardize the entire population. 

So as the madness continues the Governor has chosen to stand with the people in an effort to reverse the catastrophic economic and environmental damage to his state.  He has completed his conversion from the machine mentality of those terminating our water supplies, to a man who has recognized the human effect of this monumental disaster.  It is appalling that the progressives in the California legislature and the U.S. Congress continue to be in denial about the damage they are inflicting upon the people.  The Governor now must battle them to protect the impoverished people of his state.

Our Governor has gotten absolutely no help from the President as the Nobel Peace Prize winner adamantly denies water to the farmers.  He uses his office to impose economic hardships on those who have fought for our country and work hard to feed the world.  President Obama has become the evil terminator who wages mindless destruction against his innocent victims.

What makes you think we will allow you to do this Mr. Audacity of Hope?

What makes you think we will allow you to do this Mr. President?

Ironically the Democratic party has become the party of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.  While the Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians are standing together with the working class citizens and conservative Democrats in an effort to save the poor and impoverished victims of this class war.  They are united through the Tea Parties in this struggle to get our water back.  

The victims of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The victims of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez cannot believe his party is doing this to his people, but like Ronald Reagan before him, he is seeing how the Democrats have abandoned their principles and have sold out to the money and the influence of anti-American environmental groups.  Perhaps it is time for Mr. Rodriguez to make the same change made by Ronald Reagan. 

Never vote for a Democrat, never ever vote for a Democrat

Never vote for a Democrat, never ever vote for a Democrat

As the politicians and environmentalists continue to drain the reservoirs and flush the available farm water out to sea, California’s budget deficit grows ever larger.  The fools in Sacramento seem oblivious to the fact that by destroying the agribusinesses they wipe out sources of revenue to fund police, fire, and education.  They blindly cater to the nonsense science of environmental extremists who are determined to destroy the irrigations systems of the Central Valley.  Instead of green plants that absorb carbon dioxide, they created a dust bowl of monumental proportions.  Billions of dollars of economic activity have dried up overnight under the progressive policies of eco-tyranny.

Thank you Governor for uniting with our cause.  Our goal is simple.  We will remove the terminators of human rights from power.  We will use our constitutional rights to spread the message of our plight.  We will get our reservoirs filled and our irrigation systems back.  We will investigate the corruption that has created this crisis.  We will never again believe the false claims of environmental nonsense.  “United we will win!”

Later this week:  Friant Dam, walnuts, corn, and an update from Sacramento.


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Meg Whitman runs for Governor – you decide.

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

As we enter the fall one year before the next election it is time to see who is the new candidate that will emerge to lead us through the next decade.  California’s race for Governor will truly be a search for a new leader who is not fooled by the deceptive politics that have created water restrictions, high unemployment, a collapsed economy, and bloated bureaucratic budgets bringing us to bankruptcy.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay came to San Diego after launching her campaign to take over a state that is struggling under the weight of massive over regulation.  She analyzed the problem this way:

It is true, the evidence is clear.  California’s regulatory environment is a proven job killer.  There is no argument about that on the left or right.  California has regulated itself to death with extreme environmental policies that actually damage the environment and the economy.  Once again Meg described how she would correct this situation.

AB 32 is California’s Cap and Trade disaster.  It is a nonsense policy developed under the false claims of the global warming fraud and the climate change hoax.  It threatens the state’s economy at a time when it is the weakest.  It is based on the false claims that green house gases are harmful and exhaling creates temperature pollution. 

If Meg Whitman, someone who has supported controlling green house gases in the past recognizes the economic costs are too great, then our current Governor should too!  He does not need to wait until November 2010.  He can act now and place an immediate moratorium on an economic disaster he created with the Democratically controlled Sacramento legislature.

Now the interesting fact about this is that Meg Whitman has completely changed her position from being the advocate for windmills and expensive alternative energy systems when she worked on the McCain campaign in 2008. 

She did not discuss her past comments about Van Jones, but I will give her credit for finally seeing the light on the economic damage caused by Cap and Trade. 

She offered some positive ideas on how to bring jobs back to our state.  She told the crowd specifically what she would do to create jobs if elected Governor.

Unfortunately she completely ignored the water issues affecting the state.  The quickest way to create jobs is to turn the water back on to the Central Valley but she did not discuss this today.  Over regulation is definitely a job killer, but the tragedy of the economic and environmental destruction caused by the Endangered Species Act is of paramount importance.  If a natural disaster had caused the destruction seen in Central California the water would be turned on immediately, but because it is a man made catastrophe caused by an oppressive government the people are cast aside. 

This was a glaring omission by Meg, which she corrected later in private.  She visited Fresno the very next day.  If she listens to the people she will commit her campaign to getting the water turned back on long before November 2010.

She spoke about how she would deal with the legislature, and how she will use the proposition process and the line item veto.

But oddly she was in favor of the recent propositions rejected by the voters with a 2/3’s majority.

Her campaign message is basic, create jobs, cut spending, and fix education.  Those who attended grilled her on her speech and her education policies.

First on vouchers:

Next, was a question on her comments about the state of our schools, and access to new technologies:

and last but not least, tuition increases.  She did not rule them out and seemed to indicate they were unavoidable.

The tough questions continued as she was questioned about her knowledge of California sales tax evasion by vendors using Ebay.  This gave us solid insight into her position on internet sales taxes.

After which she described what areas would be subject to specific government payroll cuts if elected Governor.

As Meg described her campaign slogan “A New California” it became evident that the people of this state are completely unsatisfied with the results of the left wing policies of Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein.  No matter where Meg went across the state, the people both young and old kept telling her the same thing.  We want our old California back.  We want the prosperity and common sense that made us great.

“The idealized California of the past, where jobs were plentiful, schools were strong, the roads were new, taxes were under control, and California had its act together.”

California dreamin’ has a new meaning this year.  It is Californians wondering how the politicians became so corrupt that they sold us out to foreign interests bent on destroying our state.  Will Meg Whitman provide us with the leadership we need? 

Time will tell, but after Arnold Schwarzenegger, we could use a man like Ronald Reagan again.

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Welcome Patriots!

almond groveFight for California is here to battle oppressive government policies based on falsehoods and misleading propaganda.  In recent months the genius of our founding fathers has become evident as the people use the powers granted to them under the Constitution to stop the big government policies that are draining the credit markets, sending our jobs overseas, and destroying our environment. 

Come join us for a March on Sacramento August 28th to repeal AB 32 and get the water turned back on to the Central Valley and all of California.  We have seen the power of the people make their impact through the TEA Parties. We will use our voices to make our state prosperous and wealthy again.

To better understand how dire the situation in California is, please watch this clip from FNC’s Sean Hannity’s show:

On July 4th, 2009 the TEA Party Patriots of California issued a challenge to Governor Schwarzenegger.  Do what is right.  Turn the pumps back up to levels necessary to sustain life in the Central Valley. 

How many dead crops are enough to convince our leaders of the total environmental catastrophe it is to use the Endangered Species Act to deny water rights to the voters and taxpayers of this state?  Governor Schwarzenegger did respond by activating the California Disaster Assistance Act and requested a Federal Disaster Declaration from President Obama.  But the Central Valley needs more than temporary assistance.  It needs our leaders to stop this environmental disaster and lift the self imposed water restrictions.   The Governor also requested the USFWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services) to reconsider the smelt Biological Opinion as the DWR (Department of Water Resources) has determined that the “Delta smelt population is more robust than previously thought.”

The Delta smelt is not now and never was endangered.  This drought is caused by negligence and incompetence on the part of our elected leaders who have failed the people of this state.  It is time to turn the pumps back on without delay.  There is absolutely no reason to use ecological nonsense to stop irrigating our valuable farmland.  Some trees will take years to get back to full production.

Our economy has suffered greatly.  Real estate values have plunged as the farmland has become barren.  This drop has spread across the state.  Budget deficits have soared; unemployment has skyrocketed.  All of this due to an abuse of environmental laws by politicians who want to oppress the people.


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