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Stand beside her, and guide her…

On Saturday night November 21, 2009 I reached my destination in Fresno, CA.  It was a 5 hour drive from Redding so I went straight to the theater where the film “Not Evil Just Wrong” was screening.   I had already seen it twice, but I wanted to be there for the question and answer session with the film’s Producers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. 


I arrived just as the film ended.  The Producer and Director Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer were just being introduced.  These Irish Patriots have dedicated themselves to protecting America’s freedoms by exposing eco-tyranny.    

It was a very well-educated and intelligent audience.  They peppered Ann and Phelim with a variety of inquiries for over an hour about science, politics, environmentalism, and their film. 

Phelim described how the false science of global warming is used to create big government regulations over everything we do.

Ann then shared some of her experiences with environmentalists and how it relates to the people of Central California.

We can do without the smelt, but if the farmers in the Central Valley are the new endangered species, our government is too powerful. 

This crowd knows full well of the mistakes of excessive environmental controls imposed by the government.  When government takes over the farms with water restrictions, or other businesses with carbon restrictions, it becomes the oppressive force that we Declared our Independence from 233 years ago. 

Government induced poverty.  By controlling the amount of water the government can decide who succeeds, and who fails.  They can put strangers in charge of your wells, and caps on free access.  The bureaucracy has become too big, too powerful.

An audience member pointed out that government is colluding with some businesses over others in an effort to create government entities to undermine the free market.  Policies that are banned by our constitution have become tools for the left-wing conspiracies to topple capitalism.

The situation is made worse when big government comes in and tries to solve a non-existant environmental crisis like climate change.  The Cap and Trade scam being pushed by members of Congress does not fool anyone.  

As the new administration embarks on a policy of economic nonsense, huge budget deficits are created.  The mandates to switch to inefficient forms of energy production cause the taxpayers to pick up the tab for the losses created every time the wind blows.  These losses rob our children and grandchildren of funding for their education and their safety. 

Responding to a question from the audience on recalls and impeachments, Ann shared her thoughts about the change in our government.

They spoke like true patriots, standing up for freedom and American ideals.  Ann even shared her thoughts about Michael Moore.

One member of the audience asked about their background; how they became involved; what is the story behind their story.  Ann was very open and forthright as she apologized for once being a liberal.  Then as she worked to help save humanity, she converted from saving the planet to saving the people.  It was time to stop preventing economic growth for the sake of a fish or a lemur.

As the discussion continued the audience questioned the value of carbon offsets.  Phelim warned that Carbon has become a means to tax everything we do.

Again the audience questioned them about the financial windfall Al Gore has made by bankrupting his fellow citizens with fraudulent environmental laws.

Just like during the American Revolution in 1776, we are joined by patriots who love freedom and the ideals our country stands for.  Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer have stood up for the truth and supported our freedoms. 

Now as our own president travels to Copenhagen, Americans wonder if he plans to sell us out to eco-tyranny.  Any treaty based on climate change is an attempt to turn our sovereignty over to a new global government that will give us energy and water restrictions, economic controls, third world health care, and a government debt burden that will be paid with high taxes on our children and grandchildren.  

Enough is enough!  This global government is not elected by our people, not answerable to our Congress or our courts, not working for our best interests.  If our own politicians can put fish above humans, imagine what foreign political leaders will do once they control us with Cap and Trade.


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“Not Evil, Just Wrong” – exposing eco-tyranny

Protesting eco-tyranny and big government

Protesting eco-tyranny and big government

On Sunday October 18, 2009 the film “Not Evil, Just Wrong” premiered in town halls around the world. Shunned by Hollywood’s studios, it was distributed by patriots determined to expose the environmentalist war against the human race.

This film is a brilliant contrast to Al Gore’s movie “The Inconvenient Truth.” Exposing the flaws of Mr. Gore’s pseudo science, it depicts an emotional look at the total economic devastation of the Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax along with other misguided extremist policies of the environmental movement.

The most telling of which are the bans against DDT which have allowed malaria to spread across Africa and other Third World nations. Environmental extremists are depicted defending this policy to save birds while untold millions die from malaria.

The film shows heavy spraying of DDT across the US in the 1940’s and 50’s. Swimming pools full of children are being covered in clouds of DDT. There was no mention of any after effects and the scenes are represented to be from film archives of the actual sprayings.

In the 1960’s DDT was blamed for endangering the bald eagle, the National bird of the United States. Since the ban in 1972 the bald eagle has recovered and is no longer endangered, so the debate on DDT continues and people are still dying of malaria around the world.

Of course we have also had the Clean Air Acts which have removed most toxic pollutants from the atmosphere and designated Carbon Dioxide as the clean air. Removal of these toxins also helped the eagles to thrive.

In fact the United States has the cleanest air of any industrialized country. By only venting greenhouse gases we keep our atmosphere clean. Both Carbon Dioxide and water vapor are the major emissions from our power plants and industries. So what is the real reason for Cap and Trade? The negative economic effects are catastrophic.

The people have awakened.

The people have awakened.

This was depicted by following a young family whose future is tied to the coal industry. It was an emotional journey as the young mother tried to appeal to the architect of this fraud, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. She left her very humble dwelling and drove to Mr. Gore’s mansion with a hand written letter to the Academy Award winner who is actively trying to eliminate her husband’s job.

The parallels to the people in California’s Central Valley were quite eerie. As California suffers 40% unemployment at the hands of corrupt politicians who use the Endangered Species Act to destroy family farms and jobs across the state, the environmental movement is determined to wipe out generations of wealth and turn productive farm land into desert.

Challenging the premise that carbon dioxide is pollution, or that greenhouse gases are bad, or that a warming climate is negative at all, the film presents multiple scholars and academics who completely debunk Mr. Gore’s assertions. In fact it becomes quite clear that the Climate Change Hoax is a cover for total global governance.

As the evidence mounted there was a human focus as the director went right into America’s heartland to show real people who will be affected by the job losses and unemployment caused by the policies of Cap and Trade. This was juxtaposed with interviews of so-called environmentally conscious individuals at a convention who tried to make the case that humans and overpopulation are the greatest threat to our environment.

How they intend to deal with overpopulation is the question. By banning the use of chlorine to purify our water. Impose regulations to protect animals and insects while humans are sent into poverty. Use the government to create food and water shortages worldwide. Eco-tyranny is real, it is happening here, it is happening now.

The real danger to our society is from environmental organizations who rely on propaganda and deceptions to create a global government that controls all economic activity.  They are no different from the progressive groups that used eugenics to justify their efforts to create a master race in Europe during the first half of the last century.  Those policies led to genocide unprecedented in human history.

Contrary to the claims of Al Gore’s minions that global warming deniers are just like holocaust deniers.  They are actually warning us of history repeating itself.  Environmentalists are creating a new holocaust with malaria, cholera, and famine.

This film is a must see.


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Tea pot boiling! Needs more water.

Government is the problem.

Government is the problem.

On Saturday October 17, 2009 Tea Party patriots from San Diego gathered to speak out and protest the policies of the Federal government that are wiping out families and businesses across the state.  The people are fighting back against the anti-capitalist forces of the Obama Administration and the Pelosi Congress that are being used to seize land and property from individuals and families. 

Today’s rally was attended by 300 to 400 voters from all political parties.  This was just one of multiple tea parties held today throughout California to bring attention to the water restrictions that have deprived the people of their freedoms and their rights.  Like their historic ancestors, these patriots stood down by the docks, raised the flag, and spoke to preserve our freedoms.  There was no doubt that the crowd was flag waving, honest, hard working Americans who are opposed to the big government, progressives that are selling us out to foreign interests.

The event kicked off with a surprise sketch by an impersonator of SNL’s Tina Fey.  She mocked the big media elite who slobbered over a really inexperienced President who is keeping the water away from our farmers and intentionally damaging our economy.  A President who is adopting policies to eliminate profits and profitable corporations so that government can use the banks to take over everything. 

No where are the President’s misguided policies having a greater negative effect than in the agricultural community of our country’s heartland in Central California.  Here the people are dealing with ridiculous environmental controls over their water that are depressing real estate values, driving up energy costs, creating shortages, and increasing deficits.  It is clear that the Federal Government is causing unnecessary financial damage to the people of California. 

The Endangered Species Act is the basis for this excessive government control as environmental organizations wage a full on assault on the human race.  The water, the dams, and the irrigation systems belong to the people of California not the fish.  These aqueducts, canals, and storage spaces were built with our tax dollars and the tax dollars of our ancestors for our benefit.  The farmers are making the land green, while the environmentalists are turning it brown. 

Indeed they are not only using the ESA to destroy our land, but also pollute our streams.  They try to cover their acts with the claims of false disasters, like Global Warming and Climate Change, that only exist in Hollywood movies.  These false science hoaxes are then used to justify high taxes, caps on energy production, and oppressive policies like turning the water off.

If anyone thinks health care should be in the hands of government, make sure you are certain that government will do no harm.  Make that judgement by listening to the people of California.  As Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.”

Everything Ronald Reagan warned us about is happening right before our eyes.

In the case of the Central Valley and the California water wars, government is more than a problem.  Government has overstepped its authority when it turned off the pumps that fill California’s reservoirs.  The government has put the people in great danger and created water shortages throughout the state.  These shortages are causing double digit inflation in water prices and a complete destruction of 25% of our nation’s food supply.

Eye witness accounts of the complete devastation were presented by California’s people.  It was an honor for me to speak first about the use of the Delta Smelt ruling to drain the San Joaquin reservoir which created this drought. 

Once the farms are forced into bankruptcy the foreign interests will come in and buy up all of our valuable farm land.  The politicians who have betrayed their people must be held accountable for this scheme to strip Americans of their wealth and freedoms.  We need to question the merits of any ESA or Cap and Trade laws that are based only on false science.

Kay O’Hara, a realtor from North San Diego County, spoke next about the effect on real estate here in Southern California as the water restrictions force farmers to destroy their crops in the avocado groves.  This was also described to me when I visited the Central Valley by Jeremy Freitas.  The leaders of our agricultural community throughout the state are affected as the agribusinesses are the backbone of our economy.

Next to speak was Dawn Wildman.  Dawn has led the California Tea Party movement which is completely grass roots without any type of funding from the big political parties.  She spoke about the effort to repeal AB32, California’s Cap and Trade economic restrictions, and she also announced the Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative.  This initiative, when passed, will make it illegal for public employee unions to use member earnings for political reasons.  Following is a summary of the text: 

It will be unlawful to deduct from the wages, or earnings, of any public employee, any amount used for political purposes.

The measure does not prohibit public employees from making donations for political activities, provided those donations are not deducted from the employees’ pay.

So there is a lot of news from this Tea Party.  The Feds are draining our reservoirs and not allowing above ground water storage to be replenished, while using the water restrictions to bankrupt multi-generational farms.  A grassroots organized effort to repeal Cap and Trade is spreading.  The Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative was announced.  Although these were extremely newsworthy events, there was little coverage by the mainstream media.

The Tea Party movement is a real force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored by the political parties any longer.  The people are in an all out revolt against the big government corruption.  It is very clear among the people that their freedoms and rights are being taken away by a government using false science and misleading propaganda. 

Next Sarah Bond warned us of the effort by the government to take away our right to recreational fishing and new taxes on big screen televisions.  Recreational fishing is not harming our environment.  New restrictions on  TV’s will drive up prices even more into a hyper-inflationary environment.  This government is now spiraling out of control as it knows it can get away with anything if it is successful in keeping the water supplies turned off.

The highlight of the day was a brief reminder of the historical importance of our Tea Parties, today’s dates in history, and the transcendence of American patriots from the days of 1776 to today.  It was a truly emotional moment of pride to be one of those who spoke up in our fight to stay free.  From Boston to San Diego we are all proud to be Americans.  Marc Moniz-Stockwell, a Bostonian who is a direct descendant of Revolutionary War heros, shared his historical knowledge with us.

We have learned the lesson of our ancestors.  We will teach our children how to be free.  We will stand up to an overbearing government that takes away our freedoms.  We were raised on Reagan and we honor him today as he reminded us how important our history is to our freedoms.

We need to know our history.  We know who we are.  It became clear that those in attendance on Saturday were well informed.   They knew about the efforts by the UN to impose global controls over the United States.  Laws written outside of our country by those unaccountable to our people cannot be imposed on us without violating our Constitution.  Our national security is being threatened along with our food supply.

Finally, the Tea Party ended with an emotional appeal by Dawn Wildman who described the food lines that were created in the Central Valley by the eco-tyranny policies of our government. 

How is this happening in America?  In the land of Ronald Reagan?  Who is to blame for this? 

Unfortunately it is we the people who have let our guards down.  Complacency is very dangerous in this world.  We have to stand up together.  We can reverse the damage.  We can provide water for all.  We have to stand united against a government run amok, a government that is now waging economic war on its own people.  We will be complacent no more.



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TEA Parties United – Freedom Fighters for 9/12

across the land

from Sacramento to Washington D.C.

Across America is an awakening happening.  The realities of the extreme environmental policies that are endangering our freedoms have become apparent.  The people will stand together against tyranny.  We will fight for freedom.

Our message is loud and clear.  The media cannot conceal the truth but must reveal it to retain credibility.  Special thanks to Mr. Glenn Beck at Foxnation for his excellent analysis of the extremist pseudo-science programs of the radicals in power.

The resignation of Van Jones is proof that this administration is not making decisions based on fundamentals, but on political biases favoring socialism and communism over capitalism.

The danger is very real.  Action must be taken now.  It is time to stop the nonsense before all of our land is destroyed by government mandated policies pushed by politicians obsessed with power. 

80,000 green jobs lost, millions of dollars of real estate value dried up

80,000 green jobs lost, millions of dollars of real estate value dried up

We see the deceptions

We see the deceptions

The regulations and controls that are based on any science of global warming or climate change are based on scams.  Their mandates over carbon will cause massive environmental damage as carbon dioxide is necessary to filter the imputirites from our air. 

There is a danger to our environment and our economy if we tie ourselves up with laws based on lies.  We will lose our freedoms and our rights.

This week TEA Parties across the country will be held for all the people to come out and stand up for America. 

stood united against big government

stand united against big government

Sacramento Tea Party - veterans stanind up for freedom

Sacramento Tea Party - veterans unite

no one can take away our Liberty!

no one can take away our Liberty!

thousands were in attendance

thousands were in attendance

We are united against oppression.  We are the people, we are the power.

determined to prevail

determined to prevail

Come out and join us as we defend our Constitution.

wear your flags

wear your flags

challenge the falsehoods of tyranny

challenge the falsehoods of tyranny

Demand an immediate Congressional investigation into all czars. Especially ones who support the mad science of only providing medical care to the young.  This is complete nonsense and is all the justification needed to kill any and all of Pelosi’s bills.  How dare you lead us down the path of Logan’s Run, Madame Speaker! 

We do not want Michael Moore’s Castro Care.

Enough is enough. 

we will save our state

we will save our state

The deceptions and misrepresentations of the left have a catastrophic end.  It is time to grab the bull by the horns and change it’s course. 



It is time to grab your flag and go to a TEA Party!

If you show up, we win!  Just last week after the Sacramento TEA Party Governor Schwarzenegger demanded immediate relief for the Central Valley from the Federal Government.  Glenn Beck highlighted the damage done to our farmland by environmental extremists who have put fish above people.  Van Jones resigned.  And the people of Fresno refused to take food aid bought from foreign farms. 

We want our water so we can grow American crops.  What foolishness is in our government?  Turn the pumps on, restore our water to fully contracted obligations.  Such a simple solution that would immediately produce hundreds of thousands of jobs, restore wealth, and bring economic prosperity back to California.

We must keep up the pressure this week.  We cannot let our leaders ignore what they have done to the people anymore.  Washington D.C., we are coming to you.

We want our water and we want it now!


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Turn the water on!

This is a week for all Californians to stand up to tyranny and oppression.  As progressive elements in government use multi billion dollar marketing campaigns to conceal their deceptions, the hard working people of California are fighting back against their false science and duplicity.  On Friday August 28th we the people will bus our citizens in, fly them in, drive them in, truck them in, train them in, and do everything possible to stop the eco-tyranny policies of our State and Federal government.  We want our rights and freedoms back.  We the people have a right to our water, our oil, our diesel, our gas, and all other natural resources of this state.  It is time to get rid of the politicians who have voted to keep the water supplies away from the people and tax us into bankruptcy.

Never before in the history of our country has the government gone out of its way to harm the people it serves like they have with the Delta Smelt Biological Opinion. 

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

Millions of dollars have been spent by leftist foreign interest groups, environmental organizations, activists, politicians, lawyers, and judges to create a justification to turn off the irrigation systems to the people of California. 

This was in process for years if not decades as the lawyers manipulated the legal system to take away our freedoms and our rights all because a fish is so prolific it is clogging the pumps. 

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

It is not endangered.  It is extremely robust and prolific, but the Endangered Species Act was used to destroy private wealth, jobs, and economic activity here in the Golden State.  This is a constitutional violation of the 10th Amendment. 

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Remember, Congress can pass laws that violate the Constitution all day, but they are not stopped unless the President vetos them or until a legal challenge is made in court.  Court cases can go on for years before bad laws are repealed. i.e. Prohibition. 

So the Pelosi Congress is following blindly as she leads us into despotism.  They don’t even read the laws before passing them.  They have them written by lawyers and lobbyists from Marxist and Socialist backgrounds with no accountability to the people.  Then implementation slowly erodes away our freedoms over years after they leave office.

There is no greater abomination of our rights under the Constitution than when it is used to justify rights for fish instead of people.  Indeed the current administration in Washington, D.C. believes that even trees have rights. 

Trees like this have died all across the central Valley due to water restrictions.

Trees like this have died across the Central Valley due to water restrictions.

I guess this only applies if the trees are not on valuable, rich, productive farmland like the dead almond and fruit trees of the Central Valley.  Eco-tyranny is based on legal mumbo-jumbo and complete nonsense.  It damages our economy and our environment.

The hate America crowd now controls our government.  They have a grand plan of oppression which forces us into slavery to big government.  They must be stopped.  They will create more legal nonsense to free the terrorists at Guamtanamo.

The environmentalists have succeeded in creating an eco-disaster with their “fish constitution” biological opinion.  More money was spent to evaluate the life cycle and spawning habits of the Delta Smelt than on the devastation caused by this man made drought.

Our tax money is being used to fund programs to send our jobs out of state and overseas.  Money is provided to leftist propaganda organiztions by foreign interest groups.  The goal is Global Governance to take away our freedoms. 

They pay lobbyists to get politicians to make false statements about capitalism, the environment, and our energy systems.

Green House Gases are green, but the socialist idealogues want you to think they are pollution.  If they do they can implement an environmental police state that among other things turns off the water to the farmers or tries to set emission levels back to the less populated world of the last century. 

Their goal is to eliminate the free markets and replace them with a government controlled by czars and unelected officials.  Czars who want to cut off our water supplies, fuel supplies, and electric supplies.  Czars who will eliminate profits and install a socialist society where the government owns and controls all economic entities and workers are placed into socialist buckets. 

If it sounds scary it is.  We must stay focused, we must remove these elements from our government through our election process.  You will know this fall just how many politicians are tied to the Pelosi/Obama oligarchy.  They will ignore the will of the people and put paid thugs into power.

They already try to segment us by making us part of disassociated hyphenated groups.  This is meant to divide and conquer us. 

We are all Americans and we oppose these methods of division.  We stand together against the big government Orwellian beureaucracy.  We march together for our freedoms. 

We will not stop.  We will not waver. We will not fail.

We want our water.  We want our freedom.  We cling to the Flag and the Constitution of the United States of America.  Turn our water on!  Turn it on now!  Stop making mankind an Endangered Species of this government.

Later this week:  March on Sacramento, Friday August 28.


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