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Rains soak California, drought ends, snowpack returns.

Over the past few weeks California has felt the positive effects of warmer temperatures as tropical moisture mixed with a seasonal cold front to end the drought across the state.  Snowpacks increased across the Sierras and moderate rains soaked the land from San Diego to Shasta.

It has happened just in time for water restrictions to be lifted for the upcoming growing season.  As commissions begin to rule against fish intake valve concerns some sanity can start coming back to our markets. 

In Carlsbad, CA environmental groups tried to claim false concerns about sea creatures getting caught in intake valves to stop a local desalinization plant.  Filtration and intake systems do not endanger species.  However, the process of purifying water does require a filter so the purpose of a desal plant is to make sure nothing gets through.  Does it cause species to go extinct?  Absolutely not.

By keeping the water restrictions high and supplies low the government is driving up water rates across the state, even without a natural drought.  This same policy is being applied to our electricity supplies as the water crisis is used to justify dismantling dams that generate clean, cheap, hydroelectric power.  As California’s resources are squandered the government goes deeper and deeper into debt, taxing the people more and more each day with rate increases, fees, and regulations. 

The economic impact continues.  Less and less money is made available to the private sector.  Total tax receipts decrease because economic activity slows to a crawl.  This then fuels higher deficits until the government goes bust once the wealth of the people is gone.  But a simple solution is at hand.  If only our Governor and President would act.

As the Obama Administration tries to figure out ways to create new jobs, it fails to recognize that its own socialist government controls are eliminating  jobs and wealth on a massive scale.  The nonsense leftist idealogues who think making a profit is a bad thing are about to find out what happens when you continuously lose the taxpayers money. 

If the leaders of our nation were strong they would end the water restrictions turn the pumps on, fill the reservoirs, guarantee ten times more than the 5% allocation at a minimum, and let the economy flow.  Once the water guarantees are in place the banks can loan on the land, this will spur agribusiness activity, employ more workers, and bring value back to our real estate.  A simple solution which only requires a common sense approach to the problem and not mountains of debt.

This simple solution only requires one thing.  Political leaders standing up to the false claims of environmental organizations and the foreign interests who run them.  The people already know the truth, and it isn’t inconvenient at all.  We will stop the command and control policies of Obama’s tyrants and czars.  Lisa Jackson of the EPA does not have the authority to give President Obama dictatorial power.  If they continue to try to overturn our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we will hold them accountable for the damage they are creating.  

Indeed the water crisis in California, is just a small sample of the command and control philosophies of the environmental police state.  In a recent 60 minutes interview one of the Delta Smelt’s advocates actually made this comment:  “don’t plant crops that have to have water every year.”  If there is anyone on this earth that knows how to plant crops that can go one year with water then one year without then you will have a great career working for the tyrants in Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA.  Until then it is time for the people of this state to stand up against the bureaucrats who are intentionally destroying our farms, jobs, and real estate values.  In 2010 we will take our country back from the politicians who are as corrupt as corruption can be. 

California has enough water for everyone.  It is corrupt politicians who want to bankrupt small businesses across the state who need to be made extinct.  They are the new endangered species.  California’s people will make sure of that in the next election.



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Tea pot boiling! Needs more water.

Government is the problem.

Government is the problem.

On Saturday October 17, 2009 Tea Party patriots from San Diego gathered to speak out and protest the policies of the Federal government that are wiping out families and businesses across the state.  The people are fighting back against the anti-capitalist forces of the Obama Administration and the Pelosi Congress that are being used to seize land and property from individuals and families. 

Today’s rally was attended by 300 to 400 voters from all political parties.  This was just one of multiple tea parties held today throughout California to bring attention to the water restrictions that have deprived the people of their freedoms and their rights.  Like their historic ancestors, these patriots stood down by the docks, raised the flag, and spoke to preserve our freedoms.  There was no doubt that the crowd was flag waving, honest, hard working Americans who are opposed to the big government, progressives that are selling us out to foreign interests.

The event kicked off with a surprise sketch by an impersonator of SNL’s Tina Fey.  She mocked the big media elite who slobbered over a really inexperienced President who is keeping the water away from our farmers and intentionally damaging our economy.  A President who is adopting policies to eliminate profits and profitable corporations so that government can use the banks to take over everything. 

No where are the President’s misguided policies having a greater negative effect than in the agricultural community of our country’s heartland in Central California.  Here the people are dealing with ridiculous environmental controls over their water that are depressing real estate values, driving up energy costs, creating shortages, and increasing deficits.  It is clear that the Federal Government is causing unnecessary financial damage to the people of California. 

The Endangered Species Act is the basis for this excessive government control as environmental organizations wage a full on assault on the human race.  The water, the dams, and the irrigation systems belong to the people of California not the fish.  These aqueducts, canals, and storage spaces were built with our tax dollars and the tax dollars of our ancestors for our benefit.  The farmers are making the land green, while the environmentalists are turning it brown. 

Indeed they are not only using the ESA to destroy our land, but also pollute our streams.  They try to cover their acts with the claims of false disasters, like Global Warming and Climate Change, that only exist in Hollywood movies.  These false science hoaxes are then used to justify high taxes, caps on energy production, and oppressive policies like turning the water off.

If anyone thinks health care should be in the hands of government, make sure you are certain that government will do no harm.  Make that judgement by listening to the people of California.  As Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.”

Everything Ronald Reagan warned us about is happening right before our eyes.

In the case of the Central Valley and the California water wars, government is more than a problem.  Government has overstepped its authority when it turned off the pumps that fill California’s reservoirs.  The government has put the people in great danger and created water shortages throughout the state.  These shortages are causing double digit inflation in water prices and a complete destruction of 25% of our nation’s food supply.

Eye witness accounts of the complete devastation were presented by California’s people.  It was an honor for me to speak first about the use of the Delta Smelt ruling to drain the San Joaquin reservoir which created this drought. 

Once the farms are forced into bankruptcy the foreign interests will come in and buy up all of our valuable farm land.  The politicians who have betrayed their people must be held accountable for this scheme to strip Americans of their wealth and freedoms.  We need to question the merits of any ESA or Cap and Trade laws that are based only on false science.

Kay O’Hara, a realtor from North San Diego County, spoke next about the effect on real estate here in Southern California as the water restrictions force farmers to destroy their crops in the avocado groves.  This was also described to me when I visited the Central Valley by Jeremy Freitas.  The leaders of our agricultural community throughout the state are affected as the agribusinesses are the backbone of our economy.

Next to speak was Dawn Wildman.  Dawn has led the California Tea Party movement which is completely grass roots without any type of funding from the big political parties.  She spoke about the effort to repeal AB32, California’s Cap and Trade economic restrictions, and she also announced the Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative.  This initiative, when passed, will make it illegal for public employee unions to use member earnings for political reasons.  Following is a summary of the text: 

It will be unlawful to deduct from the wages, or earnings, of any public employee, any amount used for political purposes.

The measure does not prohibit public employees from making donations for political activities, provided those donations are not deducted from the employees’ pay.

So there is a lot of news from this Tea Party.  The Feds are draining our reservoirs and not allowing above ground water storage to be replenished, while using the water restrictions to bankrupt multi-generational farms.  A grassroots organized effort to repeal Cap and Trade is spreading.  The Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative was announced.  Although these were extremely newsworthy events, there was little coverage by the mainstream media.

The Tea Party movement is a real force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored by the political parties any longer.  The people are in an all out revolt against the big government corruption.  It is very clear among the people that their freedoms and rights are being taken away by a government using false science and misleading propaganda. 

Next Sarah Bond warned us of the effort by the government to take away our right to recreational fishing and new taxes on big screen televisions.  Recreational fishing is not harming our environment.  New restrictions on  TV’s will drive up prices even more into a hyper-inflationary environment.  This government is now spiraling out of control as it knows it can get away with anything if it is successful in keeping the water supplies turned off.

The highlight of the day was a brief reminder of the historical importance of our Tea Parties, today’s dates in history, and the transcendence of American patriots from the days of 1776 to today.  It was a truly emotional moment of pride to be one of those who spoke up in our fight to stay free.  From Boston to San Diego we are all proud to be Americans.  Marc Moniz-Stockwell, a Bostonian who is a direct descendant of Revolutionary War heros, shared his historical knowledge with us.

We have learned the lesson of our ancestors.  We will teach our children how to be free.  We will stand up to an overbearing government that takes away our freedoms.  We were raised on Reagan and we honor him today as he reminded us how important our history is to our freedoms.

We need to know our history.  We know who we are.  It became clear that those in attendance on Saturday were well informed.   They knew about the efforts by the UN to impose global controls over the United States.  Laws written outside of our country by those unaccountable to our people cannot be imposed on us without violating our Constitution.  Our national security is being threatened along with our food supply.

Finally, the Tea Party ended with an emotional appeal by Dawn Wildman who described the food lines that were created in the Central Valley by the eco-tyranny policies of our government. 

How is this happening in America?  In the land of Ronald Reagan?  Who is to blame for this? 

Unfortunately it is we the people who have let our guards down.  Complacency is very dangerous in this world.  We have to stand up together.  We can reverse the damage.  We can provide water for all.  We have to stand united against a government run amok, a government that is now waging economic war on its own people.  We will be complacent no more.



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Obama’s oligarchical oppression – no water, lots of pollution

On Thursday, October 15, 2009 President Obama went to San Francisco for a fund raiser where he accepted upwards of $2 million from the elitist of the elite environmental extremists for his efforts to keep the water away from not just California’s farmers, but everyone in the state.  By using his Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, as the merchant of drought, Obama hopes to avoid blame for the catastrophic devastation his policies have wrought on the state of California.  The shortages that are being created of our most basic necessity are driving up water rates for everyone who lives here.

Even now the federal government is seizing more control over all of California’s water supplies and diverting them away from farms and people.  They claim that they are trying to restore the San Joaquin Delta’s eco-system, but in reality they are pumping pollution into the rivers and the estuaries.  Each day up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage is dumped into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its associated waterways.

water can grow crops too!

water can grow crops too!

The high levels of amonia just from Sacramento are enough to keep the salmon away.  Sacramento adds 125,000 gallons of amonia per month to the Delta, far more than any other source.  If you want to see what happens to fish in water with high levels of amonia just set up a fish tank without a filter.  Your fish will be dead in a week from swimming in their own waste.  But it is easily treated with a simple CARBON filter.  Yes carbon, no element is more essential to life than carbon.  It is the structural basis for many compounds that comprise the living cell.

So instead of cleaning up their sewage the politicians in Sacramento swim in it by passing laws to divert water away from the farmers and the people.  They say they are protecting the environment when they are actually polluting it and placing the people in great danger by refusing to keep adequate above ground storage.  Enormous amounts of runoff flow out to the sea when it could be captured for irrigation. 

Efficiently capturing carbon for human energy with water and sunlight

Efficiently capturing carbon for human energy with water and sunlight

It is true that rainfall has been less than average for the past three years, but not that much so.  The real reason for the drought is the shut down of the pumps that fill the reservoirs during the rainy season, and the draining of existing storage to flush sewage out to sea.  These measures have created a monumental disaster to the environment and the economy of the state and the nation.

President Obama callously showed his ability to ignore the truth by flying over the affected areas without one thought of recognition.  He shows no signs of easing up on the water restrictions that are turning California from a green state into a brown one. 

Green no more

Green no more

The human toll is astounding.  The children and grand children of multi-generational family farms are being squeezed out of business by a government that is in the pockets of organizations dedicated to eco-tyranny.  These groups will do everything they can to blame farms far upstream from the real cause of danger to the fish.  Farms that create jobs and wealth throughout the state.  Environmental organizations are engaged in a relentless push to overturn 100 years of progress that made California the most productive farm land in the world.

The farms are a source of wealth and pride for this state.  It takes hard work and dedication to work the land.  Give us our water back, we paid for those dams and aquaducts with our own sweat and tears.

Long hours in a hot sun with temperatures often reaching 100 degrees

Long hours in a hot sun with temperatures often reaching 100 degrees

Jeremy Freitas of Freitas farms shared some of his family’s history with me on my last visit to the Central Valley.  All of the people of central California have strong family bonds that pass down their tribal knowledge of farming from generation to generation.  These great Americans have sacrified all of their lives to make our country great and strong.  They are now under attack by a President determined to bankrupt them with water restrictions as his government works to undermine our economy and our environment.

These farmers deserve our admiration and respect for they are the backbone of this state.  The efforts of the Federal government to eliminate their water supplies under the guise of conservation is nothing more than a huge land grab by an oppressive oligarchy that is working for foreign interests.  By reducing water allocations to 10% the government has cut off the financial ability for these farms to survive for water is money, water is jobs, water is life. 

Without the ability to produce a crop the land values plunge, depressing real estate prices across the state.  This collapse spread through the banking system and was a contributor to the entire financial crisis.

Everyone across the country is feeling the effects of this oppression.  The President is directing his wrath against America’s greatest citizens as his punitive punishments affect families of all races and all income levels.  The food lines increase every week and so do the budget deficits. 

Volunteers help distribute food to displaced farmworkers in Huron, c

Volunteers help distribute food to displaced farmworkers in Huron, CA

As his arrogance blinds him to his own incompetence, the President now offers tax increases as the solution.  Turn the water on you foolish man.  You are hurting America’s people as well as its fish.  Your policies have harmed multiple generations.  Do you have a heart at all?  Why do you use the Endangered Species Act to justify this tyranny?  We the people see through you and your party.  The water restrictions are your albatross.  Stop harming these innocent hard working families.

When I first met Jeremy Freitas last summer he was with his dad, Joe, at a meeting with some of the other great people in the Central Valley who are united in this fight against the government.  Joe is a Vietnam Veteran who served his country in the Southeast Asian war of the last century.  While we talked about the current government oppression, Mr. Freitas, Joe, broke down.  The tears welled up and he began to cry as he remembered the men he fought with and watched die for our country and our flag.  He knows what it is like to be on the front lines of a war.  Jeremy spoke with great respect when he shared the story of his father’s service to our country.

Emotions run high with America’s veterans; they see what is happening to our country.  Our flag stands for freedom, but President Obama is trying to change that with his policy of water tyranny. 

Cutting off water is an act of war and has been since the dawn of mankind.  Barak Obama you are not Caesar.  We do not have an emperor, we only have a president.  Stop waging war against us with your environmental police.  

At first the blame was placed solely on President Bush, who was foolish to believe in anything that came out of the Pelosi House, but once in office President Obama intensified the oppression, seized more water, and eliminated the ability of the farmers to fund their operations.  Bank’s won’t lend to a farmer who has no water because dust is not a cash crop.

Valuable crop of cotton waiting for harvest

Valuable crop of cotton waiting for harvest

 This is not Bush’s disaster as he kept environmental extremists at bay; it is a direct effort on the part of Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and the entire progressive movement to undermine our Constitution.  This is the reason they have created the Global Warming Fraud and Climate Change Hoax, to steal our land and our freedoms.  They will use the EPA to bypass Congress and crush free markets as they work for the enemies of our country.  Those who attack capitalism and profits are enemies of the American people. 

We are now at the mercy of a compassionless President determined to change our way of life from one of a dedicated and productive work ethic to one that is completely dependent on government control.  The President’s policies push everyone into poverty as he wipes out the wealth of our nation while increasing pollution in our rivers and streams.

In the last 3 years, as more water has been diverted away from the farms and reservoirs, the salmon runs have declined.  Rather than address the cause of the problem the government breaks water contracts with the family farms that have paid for the irrigation systems with decades of tax revenues and hard work.  This intentional negligence has a purpose and it is not to enhance freedom and prosperity. 

The water now stored in dams and reservoirs for the farmers is being washed out to sea without deriving any economic or environmental benefit from the process.  If that water was given to the farmers, we would have lower unemployment, lower tax rates, lower deficits, higher real estate values, and a much stronger economy. 

Efficient methods to utilize every drop of water

Efficient methods to utilize every drop of water

This is common sense that seems to have eluded the politicians who work for the Obama Oligarchy.  They cut off the water out of ignorance or arrogance.  If it is the former they are unfit for office; if it is the latter they are bordering on treason.

It even gets much worse as the reduction in fresh water supplies cause increases in energy usage.  The water conservation measures force farmers to pump wells with electricity and diesel.  None of the negative effects of the environmental nonsense were considered by the President and his cronies when they instituted the restrictions recommended by anti-American interest groups out to damage our economy. 

As Jeremy described the government’s policies to increase costs and energy usage, we drove past miles of fallow ground.  The stark barren landscape was once a beautiful and bountiful field of green crops that absorbed greenhouse gases, reduced dusty air pollution, and generated economic benefits for everyone in the state.  Water is available for all of these fields, but eco-tyrants work with a corrupt Federal and State legislature to keep the pumps and irrigation systems turned off with draconian water restrictions unheard of in American history. 

So the result of this catastrophic policy is a state plunging into bankruptcy.  High deficits go higher.  Reservoirs go lower.  Unemployment goes up.  Prosperity goes down.  You cannot deny the damage you are inflicting anymore Mr. President.  The devastation lays at your door.  Your hands are unclean.  Get your head out of the clouds.  You are the cause and so is your party.

Eastside above ground storage

Eastside above ground storage

Now that the westside of the Central Valley has been laid waste, the administration is working closely with members of his party who want to dry up the eastside by releasing more valuable water resources from the Friant Dam.  The excuse is to restore rivers that have not existed for decades; the reality is they want to send more untreated sewage into the San Joaquin Delta.

How much longer will the people of California have to put up with this nonsense?  The restrictions are being imposed by the Feds, and the Democrats in Congress continuously vote with Pelosi and Feinstein to destroy California’s families by restricting water to selected areas.  They pick and choose their victims arrogantly determining who gets water and who doesn’t.  So far they have voted to mix it with sewage and pump it into the Delta when they should have voted to grow food and clothes for the world. 

Do you want these people in charge of your health care?  If they can cut off your water they can cut off your doctor.

It is time to stand up to this eco-tyranny.  It is time to stand up and save our country.


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Obama’s Katrina – negligence at the highest levels of government.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:  for they shall be filled.  MATT 5:6

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. MATT 5:6

The Audacity of Hope left his own people again last week and went to Europe to show the world how arrogance can blind one from the realities of truth.  While President Obama begged for the IOC to bring the Olympics to Chicago in a selfish plea to pump up his own ego, the people of Central California continued to suffer under the warlike policies of eco-tyranny.  They banded together to help each other survive as the full effects of the water restrictions strangle the people into poverty.

Food shortages in the middle of the richest farmland in the world.  It is very ironic.  The ancestors of these multi-generational farms paid for the dams and irrigation systems that turned the desert into a bountiful land of green.  Now all of their work and wealth is being flushed out to sea by politicians who have little or no concern for the human effect of their actions.  Save the fish, bring back the salmon.  Who are these arrogant environmentalists kidding?  It is certainly not the families helping to give out rations to the people who grow the food for the world.

Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God.  MATT 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. MATT 5:8

Something has gone seriously wrong.  How could the President allow this to happen?  How can he let it continue?  He has the power to stop this oppression.  He can order the water to be provided to the farmers.  He can show that he values humans more than salmon and smelt.

Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms took me on a tour of some of the areas affected.   

As the government shuts down the farms that added economic growth it creates unemployment, hunger, and poverty.  This is a huge drag on GDP both in the state and nationally.  California’s budget deficit is a direct result of these nonsense environmental policies that are crippling the economy and eliminating green jobs by the thousands. 

Blessed are the meek:  for they shall inherit the Earth.  MATT 5:5

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth. MATT 5:5

The socialist economic and environmental policies of this administration and the progressive left wing extremists are a complete and dismal failure.  Instead of free market productive agricultural businesses, the government has given us a dust bowl of monumental proportions.  Some areas of Central California look like they have been wiped out by a nuclear bomb.  However, that is not the case.  It is just plain old stupidity by politicians obsessed with power that has caused this destruction.  Politicians who think they can play god with absolute authority.  They prevent their own citizens from accessing water sources that have been used for generations.


Fortunately, the good people of California know how to work to keep their community together in this struggle to survive.  As their homes and livelihoods are destroyed from lack of water, they volunteer to give what they have to the least fortunate in the community.  There is a great bond among the people.  It is a bond that touches the heart. 

Blessed are the merciful:  for they shall obtain mercy.  MATT 5:7

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. MATT 5:7

Numerous unpaid volunteers are needed to accomplish the food distribution in and orderly manner.  This is a massive organizational effort that takes dedication and hard work for hours under the strong sun of Central California.

This is not a natural disaster.  This is one caused by a government gone astray.  A government that caters to the egos of political narcissists and not to the needs of its people.

Come to the Central Valley Mr. President.  Come and see the people who you have ignored.  The economic damage is greater than Hurricane Katrina.  

Blessed are the peacemakers:  for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. MATT 5:9

This was created by oppressive and arrogant leaders who want to lower the value of human life below fish.  Shame on you President Obama.  The fish are not more important than these people, and neither are you. 

It is mind boggling to know that the President of the United States has been to Europe meeting with foreign leaders who are interested in taking away our jobs and eliminating us as a competitor on world markets, while overseeing policies that are shutting down our farms, bankrupting family farmers, creating 40% unemployment, and eliminating green jobs that are the backbone of California’s economy.

Why does this continue?  There is no excuse for this nonsense by our political leaders.  They cannot really think that they are kidding anyone with their false claims of protecting the environment.  This is a well coordinated effort on the part of high paid attorneys, environmental organizations, phony science, and politicians to shut down our economy and deprive us of our freedoms.  We will stand together first to save our citizens, then we will remove the corruption from the halls of Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, CA. 

The President’s Party in Congress is at the leading edge of this war by the government and environmental extremists against the people of this country.  Speaker Pelosi, Senator Feinstein, and Senator Boxer are trying to restore fish to areas of dry land at the expense of the people.  The last time fish swam in these areas was before most of these people were even born. 

Species have come and gone millions of times over the course of history.  Is Congress going to try to resurrect the dinosaur?  We all want to protect our environment, but that is not done by turning farmland into desert or breaking water contracts with the farmers. 

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  MATT 5:10

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. MATT 5:10

The policies of the Pelosi Congress are dangerous to the people, the state, the country, and the world.  They threaten our food and water supplies.  They threaten our national security, our freedoms, and our way of life.

All Americans must stand up against these Draconian policies of the Democrats in Congress.  California’s people need your help.  We can remove them from office in 2010, but that will be too late to save many of our farmers and our jobs.  The president can stop this today, but he has been negligent and arrogant in his ignorance of this oppression.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to come to the Central Valley and apologize to the people of California.

Please America, we need your help; we want you to call the members of Congress who have diverted our water away from the people.  Tell them that human beings are more important to the environment than non-existent fish in a non-existent river.  Tell them that human beings are more important than an overabundant fish that clogs the irrigation pumps.  Tell them that cutting off the water supplies to the people and the farms is wrong.  We need the whole country to help stop this maddness. 

But beware.  They are now emptying the reservoirs of water in the middle of a 3 year drought.  The people of California are in great danger as the water resources are being depleted by foolish bureaucrats who are obsessed with power.

Later this week:  More on the farms and the San Joaquin Delta.

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California farmers – becoming the new Endangered Species

Traveling through the Central Valley it is easy to see how the politicians have destroyed real estate values across the state.  Valuable cropland has been intentionally laid waste by the Federal and State governments.  The government is waging war against its own people.  These policies create massive budget deficits, exhorbitantly high unemployment rates, and a landscape of environmental devastation.

Why are the political leaders doing this?  Why are they punishing their own people?  Here are some of the people whose lives and families are being punished by eco-terrorists in our government.  America beware, these policies are spreading across the country.  It must be stopped now or the government will own everything as it steals the wealth of its citizens.

David Wakefield of Cantua Creek, CA took me for a ride in the government created dust bowl.

David at one time had over 4300 acres producing food for the world.  The water cutbacks have reduced his available production down to only 500 acres.  It is an intentional act on the part of the government to bankrupt the family farmers.

Once the family farmer is bankrupted, the government then converts the productive farmland into barren desert.  This is done to make the foreign interest groups happy as food production is shifted to overseas farms.  So our government under the oppressive policies of the Pelosi Congress is rapidly wiping out the wealth of America.  There can be no doubt that the politicians are beholding to the foreign interest groups who fund the environmental organizations that spread the policies of eco-tyranny.

Nancy Pelosi has betrayed the people of California.  She is a disgrace to the state and the country.  Farmers all across the United States are being targeted.  Our rights and our freedoms are at stake.  If anyone tells you this is a California problem, they are in denial about what is happening to America.  The enemies of this country have bought and paid for corruption in our government.  The Congress is not working for the American people.

Didn’t these politicians take an oath to defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic?  Unfortunately they are the domestic enemies.

The damage is not just being felt by the farmers, but also all of the small businesses that support them.

We can no longer trust our elected officials as they have sold us out to foreign interests.  There is no other explanation for their continued efforts to destroy the American economy.

How much longer can this go on.  The farmers are at the end of their ropes.  The situation is a complete catastrophe.  Environmentalists have succeeded in establishing policies to destroy our free market economy.  They do not want a clean environment, they want complete control over all of our lives.  The environmental arguments are meant to distract us from their real intentions.  Totalitarianism.

It may be too late.  If the water supplies are not lifted, most farmers cannot last another year.  The banks will not lend to a farmer if there is no water for his crops.  Amazingly, the environmentalists want this farmland returned to its natural state, desert.  They want it to become barren and worthless.  This is the richest farmland in the country, but eco-terrorists want it destroyed so they can weaken our country and destroy our freedoms.

Next week:  How we can stop the nonsense.


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Betrayed by their own representatives – the plight of California families.


This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

The people of the state of California are under attack.  A war is being waged against them by their own government.  It is not just one party but both Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats in both the State and Federal legislature, and a Republican governor who has fallen for the deceptions of the propaganda of environmental terrorism.

All of the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to make sure the farmers of this state do not have enough water to keep their farms solvent.  They mandate reclamation for extremist environmental groups who want to turn Central California back into its natural desert state.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.


The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

 The legislature used the climate change hoax to pass an extremely oppressive Cap and Trade bill which will completely destroy California’s economy, AB 32.  If the Governor does not issue an executive order to restore water supplies immediately, family farms will be wiped out and turned into barren wasteland.  This eco-terrorism will insure the demise of freedoms for all Californians.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

Not only has this destroyed the wealth of three generations, but these policies are directly responsible for the devalued real estate across the state.  The land which was once worth billions as valuable productive property is now barren desert.  Banks will not extend credit to farms that cannot produce a crop.  Crops cannot be produced without water.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

The current water restrictions are based solely on false science, deceptions, and an environmetal lobby that has sold out completely to foreign interests like George Soros.  In fact the current restrictions insure a total runoff of available water supplies during the rainy season.  The nonsense policies of this state keep the water in upstate reservoirs instead of flowing it down to the areas that need it, so when the winter rains come the full reservoirs cannot store the new water.  It has no place to go but runoff into the sea.  It is part of the stupid policies of environmental activists determined to undermine our economy for the benefit of the foreign interests who fund them.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop.  Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop. Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

In fact if the water was allowed to flow to the farms, California’s budget deficit would disappear.  The unemployment rate would not be 40%.  Real Estate values would return.  Banks would become more solvent.  Everyone in the state would benefit.  So why don’t the politicians do the right thing?  They are blinded by their own greed and arrogance.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Pelosi and Obama are turning this country into a petty socialist dictatorship.  All of their efforts are designed to destroy free market capitalism.  They are more subtle than Hugo Chavez, but far more dangerous.

Our message is clear.  Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Our message is clear. Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Next week:  Interviews with the farmers of the Central Valley.


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