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Don’t stop believing

Some of you may have heard, and some may not have heard, but there is political news now in the making.  Several weeks ago I decided to enter the race in the Republican primary to be the next Governor of the State of California.    The reason for this is very simple.  After spending this past year crisscrossing this state and traveling up and down the west coast it has become apparent that the entrenched bureaucracy in Sacramento needs new leadership.  It is amazing to me that many politicians make excuses or cite legal reasons why nothing can be done to save our farmers and our economy.  I cannot stand by another election and just hope for change.

So as we start 2010 I have formed a grassroots campaign staff.  Currently it is comprised completely of volunteers.  These are average Californians who are suffering under the oppression of the fat cat political machines that have become accustomed to destroying the wealth of our families, sending our jobs out of state, and constantly offering tax increase after tax increase to solve our problems.  This nonsense must stop here and it must stop now.

It is time for California to elect one of the people for Governor.  Someone who can bring together all of those individuals and businesses who continue to struggle under the weight of a overregulatory legislature that cares nothing for the people they serve, but only does the bidding of foreign interests who want to undermine our freedoms and eliminate our rights.

I’m not ignoring the problem.  I’m going to solve it.  By the time I’m finished California will be fully employed and prosperous again.  Real estate values will increase, taxes will be lower, energy costs will go down, and the budget will be balanced.  I will do this by returning to the limited government and fiscal responsibility that made us number one in education, number one in economic prosperity, and number one in leadership in this country.  We will turn our water back on, restore our agricultural sector, strengthen our borders, increase the exploration and development of fossil fuels, and stay committed to our core family values.  Please join my team to make California great again. 

You can visit my campaign site naritelli2010.com for more details on the major issues facing our state and how I plan to solve them.  It will not be easy but if we all work together we will turn this state around and return it to the greatness it once had under Ronald Reagan.  We will reduce taxes and regulations across the board, bring jobs back to our state, and hold accountable those who have tried to undermine our freedoms with false science and environmental extremism. 

I will not tolerate duplicity and deception in our legislature, nor in my own party.  My current opponents have supported Al Gore and Barbara Boxer.  They have funded the Democratic party and have not even voted in the last decade.  The people of this state deserve better.  The people of this state deserve a leader who will stand up for values and principles that made our country great.  I ask all of you to give me a fair evaluation and choose me to be the next Governor of this great state.    

God bless all of you and don’t stop believing!



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California’s people call for investigations into Climate Change Hoax

On Friday, October 30, 2009 California Assemblymember Dan Logue held a hearing in San Diego in a bipartisan effort to investigate the enormous job losses in the state for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The goal was economic reform, and it became very clear that those in attendance unanimously felt that government has become the problem.  Even the members of the legislature agreed as they listened intently to the concerns of the people.

California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, said Assemblymember Steve Knight, 15% in some areas, 40% in the Central Valley.  Over-regulation is killing the state’s economy and putting people into food lines.  A September 2009 study by Varshney and Associates found that the direct, indirect, and induced cost to the state from over-regulation is $493 billion.

Attending the meeting from the Legislature were Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny,  Assemblymembers Dan Logue, Joel Anderson, Martin Garrick, Diane Harkey, Steve Knight, and City of San Diego Council Member Carl DeMaio.  They listened to testimony from 2 Business panels composed of 5 members each and community citizens who have been actively involved in the Tea Party movement.

Vince Mudd, Chair of the Chamber Board of Directors, was the first to testify.  He encouraged the legislature to “streamline the permitting process” and “make California more attractive to small business.”  Carl DeMaio emphasized that 93% of the businesses in San Diego are small businesses.  While Cindy Gompper-Graves of the South County Economic Development Corporation described how the “multiple layers of permits and fees were big rocks in the road to success” as regulations and fees hurt small businesses.

Scott Molloy of the Building Industry Association described how his 4th generation business was in jeopardy and the effects are so catastrophic that his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were “rolling over in their graves” as the family enterprises are driven out-of-state or out of business.  This echoed the same concerns of the farmers in the Central Valley as government mandated droughts are wiping out generations of wealth.

Another 3rd generation machine shop owner, Dale Watkins of Sheffield Platers, Inc. told the Legislative Panel that he had to fill out 3 different forms for 3 different agencies and some type of streamlining was in order.  He was followed by Roy Hobbs, representing the San Diego Port Tenants Association, who said the unfriendly regulatory environment has caused chaos in the recreational boating industry.      

Assemblymembers Diane Harkey and Dan Logue described how they went to Nevada to interview businesses that left California and asked them what were the specific reasons for their departure.  “Regulatory abuse” was the most common response according to Diane.  Now with AB 32 and CARB regulations sucking generations of wealth out of California’s small businesses the lawmakers in Nevada, Arizona, and Texas just smile and encourage the progressives in California’s Legislature to just keep doing what they are doing.

Ironically even the Assemblymembers were dismayed at the process as some of them had to leave early so they could fly to Sacramento and check in for a Monday session.  Each of them will then fly back to their districts for the weekend.  They are not allowed to check in electronically or by some other 21st century method.  They were following a regulatory procedure over the legislative process that requires them to unnecessarily spend taxpayer dollars on wasteful, inefficient, time-consuming travel that puts stress on them and their families.  They were all very disenchanted with this requirement.  

Before leaving Assemblyman Martin Garrick noted “we aren’t going to get out of this by taxing and spending.”  He recommended that bills and projects should be allowed to conduct Economic Impact Studies to go along with any Environmental Impact Studies.  A very good idea considering no one even thought of doing an Economic Impact Study on AB 32.

Michael McLaughlin of the California Restaurant Association expressed concerns about water, unnecessary meal and rest breaks, and the ways he was able to self insure his business to achieve substantial reductions in worker’s comp costs.  He was followed by John Kabateck of the National Federation of Independent Businesses and Ann Kinner, a professional mariner and owner of Seabreeze Books and Charts, who shared their concerns about the anti-business policies that were harming all segments of our economy.

The testimony then wrapped up with Bryan Bloom of Priority Moving, Inc. who asked the Assemblymembers why he was being forced to spend over $1 million to upgrade his fleet of vehicles to comply with CARB regulations, and Mark Winiarz of Metrix, Inc. who described how there was more money in saving energy than in producing renewable energy.

Assemblyman Logue expressed concern that some of the majority in the legislature do not care as they have never owned or operated any type of business.  Then he recognized Tea Party Patriots Larry Naritelli and Charles Fettinger. 

Larry pointed out that the economic damage is being caused when the legislature makes laws that are based on the Global Warming Fraud and Climate Change Hoax.  “If you base laws on frauds and hoaxes you will create great damage to our economy that will wipe out generations of wealth across the state.  They better care about what they are doing, because the people are not going to allow them to get away with destroying our jobs and taking away our freedoms.” 

Larry also warned about the economic dangers of alternative energy that costs 20 times more than fossil fuels.  “Solar energy just adds high cost, inefficient energy to the grid.  It causes electric rates to skyrocket by limiting supplies of electricity.” 

Senator Ducheny pointed out that San Diego just received  hundreds of millions of stimulus funds for solar projects.  These systems produce miniscule amounts of energy compared to the same investment in more reliable sources of electricity production and saddle the taxpayers with mountains of debt. 

Charles then encouraged the legislators to bring liberals and conservatives together to stop the progressives who are working against the interests of our economy.  It was a clear indication that there is a bipartisan approach that appeals to both liberals and conservatives.  It is being opposed by progressives who are working for foreign interests.   

Assemblymember Harkey agreed and assured Larry and Charles that the message of the Tea Parties was being heard by all members of the legislature.  They do not want to be known as the ones who destroyed the California economy. 

While it may be too late for that, it is not too late to stop the destruction and rebuild our economy.  AB 32 must be repealed and the California Air Resources Board must be investigated.  Any and all laws based on Climate Change are damaging our people and our freedoms.  Those responsible for the Global Warming Fraud must be held accountable for the damage they have caused. 

Environmental organizations who use false science and foreign propaganda to justify regulations that drive our businesses out-of-state or overseas need to be put under the microscope.  They are not friendly to the environment when they turn our farmland into desert, or mandate inefficient sources of energy.

By the end of the meeting it was clear that there are those in our government who are working for the people, but they are frustrated by those in government who are working against the people.  It is time for us to clearly identify those who are enemies of the people. 

We cannot be complacent anymore.  All were in agreement on this.  “The state doesn’t create wealth, people do!” exclaimed Dan Logue. 

California must become business friendly and soon, as the drain on personal wealth is occurring at a rapid rate.  There can no longer be any delays.  The quickest way to create jobs is to restore the water supplies to the farmers.  Follow that up with a repeal of AB 32 (Cap and Trade), and reduce tax rates across the board.   Encourage the use of efficient fuel sources like diesel, and increase our access to offshore oil supplies. 

By producing electricity with low cost fossil fuels we can increase the supply and lower the cost of everyone’s electric bill.  Turning on the pumps that fill the reservoirs when it rains will stabilize and increase our water supplies, lowering the cost for all.  These pro-growth strategies do not need trillions of dollars of stimulus money.  They just need common sense and the political will to stand up to the eco-tyranny policies of totalitarian progressives.

We can balance the budget and solve all of our economic woes here and now by rejecting the nonsense of socialist government controls masquerading as environmental extremism.  Free markets create wealth and a clean environment.  Big bureaucracy bankrupts business.    

Assemblymember Joel Anderson summed it up.  “It is time to get California working again.”  All of the legislators left with a renewed vigor to carry the message of the people back to Sacramento with them.


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“Not Evil, Just Wrong” – exposing eco-tyranny

Protesting eco-tyranny and big government

Protesting eco-tyranny and big government

On Sunday October 18, 2009 the film “Not Evil, Just Wrong” premiered in town halls around the world. Shunned by Hollywood’s studios, it was distributed by patriots determined to expose the environmentalist war against the human race.

This film is a brilliant contrast to Al Gore’s movie “The Inconvenient Truth.” Exposing the flaws of Mr. Gore’s pseudo science, it depicts an emotional look at the total economic devastation of the Global Warming/Climate Change Hoax along with other misguided extremist policies of the environmental movement.

The most telling of which are the bans against DDT which have allowed malaria to spread across Africa and other Third World nations. Environmental extremists are depicted defending this policy to save birds while untold millions die from malaria.

The film shows heavy spraying of DDT across the US in the 1940’s and 50’s. Swimming pools full of children are being covered in clouds of DDT. There was no mention of any after effects and the scenes are represented to be from film archives of the actual sprayings.

In the 1960’s DDT was blamed for endangering the bald eagle, the National bird of the United States. Since the ban in 1972 the bald eagle has recovered and is no longer endangered, so the debate on DDT continues and people are still dying of malaria around the world.

Of course we have also had the Clean Air Acts which have removed most toxic pollutants from the atmosphere and designated Carbon Dioxide as the clean air. Removal of these toxins also helped the eagles to thrive.

In fact the United States has the cleanest air of any industrialized country. By only venting greenhouse gases we keep our atmosphere clean. Both Carbon Dioxide and water vapor are the major emissions from our power plants and industries. So what is the real reason for Cap and Trade? The negative economic effects are catastrophic.

The people have awakened.

The people have awakened.

This was depicted by following a young family whose future is tied to the coal industry. It was an emotional journey as the young mother tried to appeal to the architect of this fraud, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. She left her very humble dwelling and drove to Mr. Gore’s mansion with a hand written letter to the Academy Award winner who is actively trying to eliminate her husband’s job.

The parallels to the people in California’s Central Valley were quite eerie. As California suffers 40% unemployment at the hands of corrupt politicians who use the Endangered Species Act to destroy family farms and jobs across the state, the environmental movement is determined to wipe out generations of wealth and turn productive farm land into desert.

Challenging the premise that carbon dioxide is pollution, or that greenhouse gases are bad, or that a warming climate is negative at all, the film presents multiple scholars and academics who completely debunk Mr. Gore’s assertions. In fact it becomes quite clear that the Climate Change Hoax is a cover for total global governance.

As the evidence mounted there was a human focus as the director went right into America’s heartland to show real people who will be affected by the job losses and unemployment caused by the policies of Cap and Trade. This was juxtaposed with interviews of so-called environmentally conscious individuals at a convention who tried to make the case that humans and overpopulation are the greatest threat to our environment.

How they intend to deal with overpopulation is the question. By banning the use of chlorine to purify our water. Impose regulations to protect animals and insects while humans are sent into poverty. Use the government to create food and water shortages worldwide. Eco-tyranny is real, it is happening here, it is happening now.

The real danger to our society is from environmental organizations who rely on propaganda and deceptions to create a global government that controls all economic activity.  They are no different from the progressive groups that used eugenics to justify their efforts to create a master race in Europe during the first half of the last century.  Those policies led to genocide unprecedented in human history.

Contrary to the claims of Al Gore’s minions that global warming deniers are just like holocaust deniers.  They are actually warning us of history repeating itself.  Environmentalists are creating a new holocaust with malaria, cholera, and famine.

This film is a must see.


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Tea pot boiling! Needs more water.

Government is the problem.

Government is the problem.

On Saturday October 17, 2009 Tea Party patriots from San Diego gathered to speak out and protest the policies of the Federal government that are wiping out families and businesses across the state.  The people are fighting back against the anti-capitalist forces of the Obama Administration and the Pelosi Congress that are being used to seize land and property from individuals and families. 

Today’s rally was attended by 300 to 400 voters from all political parties.  This was just one of multiple tea parties held today throughout California to bring attention to the water restrictions that have deprived the people of their freedoms and their rights.  Like their historic ancestors, these patriots stood down by the docks, raised the flag, and spoke to preserve our freedoms.  There was no doubt that the crowd was flag waving, honest, hard working Americans who are opposed to the big government, progressives that are selling us out to foreign interests.

The event kicked off with a surprise sketch by an impersonator of SNL’s Tina Fey.  She mocked the big media elite who slobbered over a really inexperienced President who is keeping the water away from our farmers and intentionally damaging our economy.  A President who is adopting policies to eliminate profits and profitable corporations so that government can use the banks to take over everything. 

No where are the President’s misguided policies having a greater negative effect than in the agricultural community of our country’s heartland in Central California.  Here the people are dealing with ridiculous environmental controls over their water that are depressing real estate values, driving up energy costs, creating shortages, and increasing deficits.  It is clear that the Federal Government is causing unnecessary financial damage to the people of California. 

The Endangered Species Act is the basis for this excessive government control as environmental organizations wage a full on assault on the human race.  The water, the dams, and the irrigation systems belong to the people of California not the fish.  These aqueducts, canals, and storage spaces were built with our tax dollars and the tax dollars of our ancestors for our benefit.  The farmers are making the land green, while the environmentalists are turning it brown. 

Indeed they are not only using the ESA to destroy our land, but also pollute our streams.  They try to cover their acts with the claims of false disasters, like Global Warming and Climate Change, that only exist in Hollywood movies.  These false science hoaxes are then used to justify high taxes, caps on energy production, and oppressive policies like turning the water off.

If anyone thinks health care should be in the hands of government, make sure you are certain that government will do no harm.  Make that judgement by listening to the people of California.  As Ronald Reagan said “government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.”

Everything Ronald Reagan warned us about is happening right before our eyes.

In the case of the Central Valley and the California water wars, government is more than a problem.  Government has overstepped its authority when it turned off the pumps that fill California’s reservoirs.  The government has put the people in great danger and created water shortages throughout the state.  These shortages are causing double digit inflation in water prices and a complete destruction of 25% of our nation’s food supply.

Eye witness accounts of the complete devastation were presented by California’s people.  It was an honor for me to speak first about the use of the Delta Smelt ruling to drain the San Joaquin reservoir which created this drought. 

Once the farms are forced into bankruptcy the foreign interests will come in and buy up all of our valuable farm land.  The politicians who have betrayed their people must be held accountable for this scheme to strip Americans of their wealth and freedoms.  We need to question the merits of any ESA or Cap and Trade laws that are based only on false science.

Kay O’Hara, a realtor from North San Diego County, spoke next about the effect on real estate here in Southern California as the water restrictions force farmers to destroy their crops in the avocado groves.  This was also described to me when I visited the Central Valley by Jeremy Freitas.  The leaders of our agricultural community throughout the state are affected as the agribusinesses are the backbone of our economy.

Next to speak was Dawn Wildman.  Dawn has led the California Tea Party movement which is completely grass roots without any type of funding from the big political parties.  She spoke about the effort to repeal AB32, California’s Cap and Trade economic restrictions, and she also announced the Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative.  This initiative, when passed, will make it illegal for public employee unions to use member earnings for political reasons.  Following is a summary of the text: 

It will be unlawful to deduct from the wages, or earnings, of any public employee, any amount used for political purposes.

The measure does not prohibit public employees from making donations for political activities, provided those donations are not deducted from the employees’ pay.

So there is a lot of news from this Tea Party.  The Feds are draining our reservoirs and not allowing above ground water storage to be replenished, while using the water restrictions to bankrupt multi-generational farms.  A grassroots organized effort to repeal Cap and Trade is spreading.  The Protection of Employee Earnings Initiative was announced.  Although these were extremely newsworthy events, there was little coverage by the mainstream media.

The Tea Party movement is a real force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored by the political parties any longer.  The people are in an all out revolt against the big government corruption.  It is very clear among the people that their freedoms and rights are being taken away by a government using false science and misleading propaganda. 

Next Sarah Bond warned us of the effort by the government to take away our right to recreational fishing and new taxes on big screen televisions.  Recreational fishing is not harming our environment.  New restrictions on  TV’s will drive up prices even more into a hyper-inflationary environment.  This government is now spiraling out of control as it knows it can get away with anything if it is successful in keeping the water supplies turned off.

The highlight of the day was a brief reminder of the historical importance of our Tea Parties, today’s dates in history, and the transcendence of American patriots from the days of 1776 to today.  It was a truly emotional moment of pride to be one of those who spoke up in our fight to stay free.  From Boston to San Diego we are all proud to be Americans.  Marc Moniz-Stockwell, a Bostonian who is a direct descendant of Revolutionary War heros, shared his historical knowledge with us.

We have learned the lesson of our ancestors.  We will teach our children how to be free.  We will stand up to an overbearing government that takes away our freedoms.  We were raised on Reagan and we honor him today as he reminded us how important our history is to our freedoms.

We need to know our history.  We know who we are.  It became clear that those in attendance on Saturday were well informed.   They knew about the efforts by the UN to impose global controls over the United States.  Laws written outside of our country by those unaccountable to our people cannot be imposed on us without violating our Constitution.  Our national security is being threatened along with our food supply.

Finally, the Tea Party ended with an emotional appeal by Dawn Wildman who described the food lines that were created in the Central Valley by the eco-tyranny policies of our government. 

How is this happening in America?  In the land of Ronald Reagan?  Who is to blame for this? 

Unfortunately it is we the people who have let our guards down.  Complacency is very dangerous in this world.  We have to stand up together.  We can reverse the damage.  We can provide water for all.  We have to stand united against a government run amok, a government that is now waging economic war on its own people.  We will be complacent no more.



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Meg Whitman runs for Governor – you decide.

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

As we enter the fall one year before the next election it is time to see who is the new candidate that will emerge to lead us through the next decade.  California’s race for Governor will truly be a search for a new leader who is not fooled by the deceptive politics that have created water restrictions, high unemployment, a collapsed economy, and bloated bureaucratic budgets bringing us to bankruptcy.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay came to San Diego after launching her campaign to take over a state that is struggling under the weight of massive over regulation.  She analyzed the problem this way:

It is true, the evidence is clear.  California’s regulatory environment is a proven job killer.  There is no argument about that on the left or right.  California has regulated itself to death with extreme environmental policies that actually damage the environment and the economy.  Once again Meg described how she would correct this situation.

AB 32 is California’s Cap and Trade disaster.  It is a nonsense policy developed under the false claims of the global warming fraud and the climate change hoax.  It threatens the state’s economy at a time when it is the weakest.  It is based on the false claims that green house gases are harmful and exhaling creates temperature pollution. 

If Meg Whitman, someone who has supported controlling green house gases in the past recognizes the economic costs are too great, then our current Governor should too!  He does not need to wait until November 2010.  He can act now and place an immediate moratorium on an economic disaster he created with the Democratically controlled Sacramento legislature.

Now the interesting fact about this is that Meg Whitman has completely changed her position from being the advocate for windmills and expensive alternative energy systems when she worked on the McCain campaign in 2008. 

She did not discuss her past comments about Van Jones, but I will give her credit for finally seeing the light on the economic damage caused by Cap and Trade. 

She offered some positive ideas on how to bring jobs back to our state.  She told the crowd specifically what she would do to create jobs if elected Governor.

Unfortunately she completely ignored the water issues affecting the state.  The quickest way to create jobs is to turn the water back on to the Central Valley but she did not discuss this today.  Over regulation is definitely a job killer, but the tragedy of the economic and environmental destruction caused by the Endangered Species Act is of paramount importance.  If a natural disaster had caused the destruction seen in Central California the water would be turned on immediately, but because it is a man made catastrophe caused by an oppressive government the people are cast aside. 

This was a glaring omission by Meg, which she corrected later in private.  She visited Fresno the very next day.  If she listens to the people she will commit her campaign to getting the water turned back on long before November 2010.

She spoke about how she would deal with the legislature, and how she will use the proposition process and the line item veto.

But oddly she was in favor of the recent propositions rejected by the voters with a 2/3’s majority.

Her campaign message is basic, create jobs, cut spending, and fix education.  Those who attended grilled her on her speech and her education policies.

First on vouchers:

Next, was a question on her comments about the state of our schools, and access to new technologies:

and last but not least, tuition increases.  She did not rule them out and seemed to indicate they were unavoidable.

The tough questions continued as she was questioned about her knowledge of California sales tax evasion by vendors using Ebay.  This gave us solid insight into her position on internet sales taxes.

After which she described what areas would be subject to specific government payroll cuts if elected Governor.

As Meg described her campaign slogan “A New California” it became evident that the people of this state are completely unsatisfied with the results of the left wing policies of Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein.  No matter where Meg went across the state, the people both young and old kept telling her the same thing.  We want our old California back.  We want the prosperity and common sense that made us great.

“The idealized California of the past, where jobs were plentiful, schools were strong, the roads were new, taxes were under control, and California had its act together.”

California dreamin’ has a new meaning this year.  It is Californians wondering how the politicians became so corrupt that they sold us out to foreign interests bent on destroying our state.  Will Meg Whitman provide us with the leadership we need? 

Time will tell, but after Arnold Schwarzenegger, we could use a man like Ronald Reagan again.

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The Era of Change – Obama and Pelosi to wipe out capitalism.

With millions of Americans marching through Washington, D.C. and around the country, the fringe media outlets continue to ignore the people.  Obama himself fled the Capitol on 9/12.  Clearly he is in fear that all of his deceptions are being exposed.  His propaganda machines have gone into overtime as he quickly distracts the country away from the eco-tyranny that is spreading within his Administration.

Economic war is being waged on the American people by leftist politicians and domestic enemies of our Constitution.  They plan to take over all industries that provide life-sustaining goods or services such as water, electricity, food, and fuel.  Once the government has bankrupted the private markets it will assume full control over everything.

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

The water restrictions in California are the first definitive acts of war by the government against the people.  Without concern for the economic and environmental damage, the government is rapidly destroying the agricultural industry of the state.  Once the farmers are bankrupted the land is laid waste.  The loss in tax revenues from the formerly profitable enterprises gives the legislature a circular logic excuse to raise tax rates and drive more individuals and small businesses into bankruptcy.

It is a spiral down into the abyss of socialist tyranny and oppression.  The food lines in California’s Central Valley are either an example of the ironic stupidity of Nancy Pelosi and her environmental extremism or an example of her dictatorial despotism.   The Speaker of the House of Representatives is a complete disgrace to the people of her state.  She is a disgusting despot who cares nothing about the damage she is causing with her economic warfare and eco-tyranny.

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

The family farms she is destroying have been operating for generations.  Generations who built the aqueducts and irrigation systems that turned dry fertile soil into the greenest and most fruitful and productive farms in the world.  They made our country great and strong.  Nancy Pelosi wants us to be weak and vulnerable.  This is why she deliberately and methodically cut off the water supplies in an act of war against the people she is suppose to represent.

Pelosi and Obama took their jobs and sent them overseas.

Pelosi and Obama took our jobs and sent them overseas.

These irrigation systems have already been paid for by generations of taxpayers across this whole state.  Shutting off the water supplies is creating shortages and price increases that are affecting everyone.

Foreign powers who are jealous of our freedoms have spent billions on propaganda campaigns to undermine our free market system with false science and nonsense environmental policies.  They want to eliminate capitalism in our country because that is one of our greatest strengths.  It produces the profits and wealth that have made us the world’s strongest force for freedom in history.  Make no mistake about it; we won the Cold War when capitalism conquered socialism.  Our enemies know this.  They saw how socialism slowly destroyed one state after another in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  So they developed environmental policies to instill socialist economic systems in America that would bankrupt us and bring us down from within.

Nancy Pelosi is currently leading this attack on our freedoms.  The first freedom to go was the freedom of the press.  Over the past decade several of the major media outlets have become fringe media that broadcast one sided news stories in an attempt to brainwash, mislead, and confuse the American public.  Advertising dollars from environmental and foreign political groups helped instill a news media in America that has become so irresponsible that it conceals how these groups are assailing our freedoms granted by the Constitution.  This media is as vile and corrupt as any in our history.  

Al Gore’s film “The Inconvenient Truth” was nothing more than the efforts of an angry loser to get back at the people who rejected him in a free and fair election.  The only reason he lost in 2000 was because he was rejected by the people of his own state who knew him the best.  Even today he presses President Obama to use the Presidency to trade away the freedoms of the American people to foreign interests from Copenhagen to Bali.  His goal is to use global governance to impose taxes on Americans that can be sold to foreign interest for profit.  The Cap and Trade policies of the Pelosi Congress are  meant to economically crush our people and send all of our wealth overseas to foreign fat cats like George Soros.

Pelosi assaults the other First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Assembly.  She uses scare tactics and warnings of false threats in the same way other dictators of the last century justified their police state acts of destruction.  Her crocodile tears about her days in San Francisco of the late 70’s failed to acknowledge that the violence she described was by members of her own party against each other when they ate Twinkies and drank too much cola.  She is a duplicitous enemy of freedom who demonizes Americans who stand up to her deceptions.  Her claim that we need to give up our freedoms for safety and security is more than slightly Stalinesque.

All of the bills that are working their way through the Pelosi Congress are structured to wipe out profitable enterprises in health care, transportation, energy and commerce.  She is backed by foreign extremists such as Michael Moore who have been undermining our way of life for decades.  No one was happier about the bankruptcy of the American auto industry than Michael Moore.  He gleefully dances in wealth and riches generated by his foreign socialist propaganda films, which are meant to eliminate our freedoms and instill socialist tyranny in the United States government, while the auto workers, investors, vendors, and customers are wiped out.

The water issue in California is just one part of Obama’s Orwellian government controls.  Our President is now actively engaged in a policy to dismantle the Constitution and create a new world government that will destroy our wealth, our individuality, our economy, and our military.  He is currently undermining the CIA and developing methods to free the 911 terrorists into this country.  He conceals his acts by using the media to focus on his attempts to destroy our health care system with a government run monopoly that will cut off medical care to people in order to control costs.   As Americans attend town halls to express their outrage, President Obama dismisses them as not worthy enough to speak out against him.

We have entered a new era in our history.  It is an era where domestic enemies of the people have taken power and control of our entire government.  They use environmental regulations that are based on lies such as the climate change hoax to impose taxes and fees to bankrupt our economy. 

Why does Nancy Pelosi want the water cut off from California family farms?  Why does she want the middle class to pay 90% tax rates?  Why does she want electric rates to quadruple?  Why does she support policies to increase our dependence on foreign oil and eliminate our access to coal and oil reserves?  Why does she want our jobs to be sent overseas?  Just who is she working for?  It certainly isn’t for the people of California’s Central Valley or any other part of the state.  She is domestic enemy number one! 

It is time for her to be removed from power before she destroys everything.  Contact your representatives.  Tell them that you oppose Pelosi’s tyranny.  Tell them to stop her before it is too late.  She can be removed from her role as Speaker tomorrow.  All it takes is for the will of the people to prevail upon the members of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives to vote her out.


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CARB – Pay attention to the Sacramento Tea Party

The greatest fraud in the history of our country is the use of false science to take away the freedoms granted to us by the Constitution.  It is happening here, it is happening now.  

America is under attack from within.  Anti-capitalist zealots pay armies of lobbyists and legal teams to maliciously take apart our rights with oppressive taxes and regulations slipped inside every bill.  Their goal is to wipe out small businesses across America from the family farm to the independent trucker.

California is now at the leading edge of this battle against despotism.  Every small business in the state is under attack from eco-tyrants who destroy jobs and the environment under the guise of being green. 

Clinging to the Flag

Clinging to the Flag

Politicians have sold out the people and have waged an economic war with the Endangered Species Act, CARB, and AB 32, California’s Cap and Trade. 

The newly created regulatory bodies are nothing more than oppressive government beureaucracies doing the will of the enemies of freedom.  They are intentionally using the government to wipe out free markets and capitalism.  They destroy jobs, wealth and families. 

The people do not believe the duplicity anymore.  We want our country back and we want it back now.

Questionable science such as Al Gore’s nonsense is used to justify the destruction of our trucking fleet.  It is complete stupidity to think that solar power or electric vehicles have the technological capability to compete with diesel engines. 

But then again the two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. 

Let the scientists who sell out our country with false claims of green house gas pollution be shamed.  They are the paid shamans of Speaker Pelosi’s corruption.  Expose them for their frauds.  Stand up to their deceptions.

So why are the governments of Sacramento and Washington using false science to make laws to destroy our farms and our industry.  Why do they keep sending our jobs overseas?  Why do they make us the most taxed country in the world?

They are not working for us anymore.  Their contributions come from environmental organizations that are fronts for foreign interests.  Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into the pockets of corruption.  Corruption designed to tax Americans every time the climate changes

Our leaders think they can conceal their acts with all the propaganda that money can buy.  These dollars flow into political coffers and ultimately the media coffers.  This is why most of the national media outlets aide in the duplicity and deception.  They are being paid to convince you to accept eco-tyranny.

Everyone wants a clean environment, but the environmental orgs claim we need to shut down our economy and take away our freedoms to keep the world clean.  This is utter foolishness.  It is the economic prosperity of freedom that has made the United States the cleanest environment in the industrialized world. 

Carbon Dioxide is the cleanest exhaust in existence.  Oil and gas are the most efficient and abundant sources of energy on the planet.  Exhaust is necessary for all types of energy production.  Carbon dioxide actually cleans the air by filtering out impurities.  By creating laws to Cap and Trade carbon, the government can control everything whether it is harmful or not.

But hold your breath, it is not just our government who has control, on the contrary.  Pelosi’s House, Reid’s Senate, and Obama’s Administration are planning to trade away our freedoms in December of this year.  They have a grand plan to use the failed Kyoto protocol and new global climate change talks in Copenhagen to impose foreign taxes on all Americans.  Never before in our history has a President gone into a treaty negotiation representing the party opposing the American People. 

Cap and Trade is a tax that can be bought and sold to foreign banks and foreign countries.  The environmental nonsense is meant to distract you from the real goals of the domestic enemies of we the people.  They want to impose foreign taxes on all Americans under the guise of clean energy. 

So who do you trust America?  Is it the media?  Is it the politicians who cower behind marble columns?  Or is it the true leaders of freedom

The people of America are united in their cause.  We will stop the eco-tyranny.  We will take back our land and our water.  We will hold those accountable who have violated their oath of office. 

The government wages war on American farmers and families.

Imagine what they will do to your health care.

Everything must be stopped.  Pelosi cannot be trusted at all.  She is a disgrace to her state and the nation.  Her party should remove her from power now.  She offers the same kind of Orwellian control we defeated in the last century.



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