Governor Schwarzenegger fights to save his people and his legacy.

As the state of California continues to suffer some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the midst of a war that will determine his legacy.  On Friday October 9, 2009 he acknowledged the efforts of all of the water coalitions and the Tea Parties around the state who are “putting the spotlight on this very important issue.” 

The rallies are having an impact as the progressives scramble to explain the destructive results of their nonsense policies.  California’s water warriors will welcome the Governor’s voice in this struggle, but they will not waver in the fight for freedom.  The Federal Government has overstepped its authority.  This battle is going to define the Governor’s legacy as the legislature uses the false science of climate change to justify their despotism. 

Fighting California's water wars

Fighting California's water wars

Our Governor has learned that attempts at compromise with the policies of environmental extremists have backfired.  These well funded organizations have used their money and influence in a machine like fashion to instill nonsense regulations designed to destroy agribusiness across the entire state. 

Their combined efforts have the efficiency of the terminators of the Governor’s past film roles as heartless politicians at both the Federal and State levels crush the people with big government restrictions on water, “the lifeblood of everything we do.”  This oppression has created massive levels of unemployment that are unprecedented in American history. 

His legacy now parallels his film roles as he changes from being part of the machine-like oppressors of the environmental extremists, to a warrior against them in the battle for freedom.  Indeed the destruction of the farmland reduces the absorption of greenhouse gases and increases air pollution while contaminating our rivers with sewage and ammonia that kill the salmon.  The hoaxers and charlatans still try to spin a web of deceit as they try to justify the diversion of water away from the people.  When they cut off the water to our farms they showed their true colors.  

The progressives in our government are not green but brown, intent on creating a society based on the audacity of hope.  They even claim that the whales of the Puget Sound need the water more than the farmers.  This is the nonsense used by our oppressors.

Formerly a patchwork of green is now just fallowed fields of dust.

Formerly a patchwork of green is now just fallowed fields of dust.

Now all of the people must unite together to stop the army of heartless terminators masquerading as scientists, attorneys, and politicians.  These highly paid operatives care not for the people.  They destroy our food supply, and dismantle our water systems in the name of protecting the environment.  The  reality is their actions have destroyed our ecosystems and our economy.  They wipe out our capitalist system and eliminate profits in an attempt to bankrupt the family farmers.  The water restrictions are a financial disaster as they create a loss of revenues for both the agri-businesses and the state. 

The domestic enemies of the people are well funded and well entrenched.  When the President of the United States won the Nobel Peace Prize it was at the same time his administration is waging a water war against his own people.  California’s budget deficits are now mushrooming as the President’s policies wipe out profitable businesses across the state.  His war on capitalism is bankrupting the state government as tax receipts drop proportionately with the drop in profits.  Blindly he plunges the people into poverty as generations of wealth evaporate.    


The people stand behind the Governor:  "United we will win."

The people stand behind the Governor: "United we will win."

The shut down of the pumps has not just blocked irrigation to the farms.  It has also stopped the filling of our reservoirs during the rainy season.  Jeremy Freitas of Freitas Farms showed me an aerial view of the effects of these policies that have amplified the drought.

This is the foolish logic of eco-tyrants.  Governor, please tell the legislature and the President that here in California we like to fill the reservoirs when it rains.  Turn those pumps back on.  It is incompetent negligence to allow the water to run off rather than be stored during our rainy season.  If you do not fill them this winter you will be very sorry next summer especially since the Friant Dam is now being drained in the same way.

Fortunately as the word gets out some members of the legislature are starting to listen.  They are aligning with the people, the leaders of the Tea Party movement, and water coalitions to save our state from this unnatural disaster.  These American patriots who cling to the Constitution do not accept the lies and false science anymore.  They want their water back.  They want their freedoms back.  They want their country back.  We live in a Republic not a Democracy.  There is a major difference and the California water wars are a perfect example of how Democrats rule like an oppressive oligarchy.

What do you do when the government turns off your water?

What do you do when the government turns off your water?

History is at a turning point.  We are united in our fight against this eco-tyranny.  A government that wages war against its own people is a government that must be removed from power. 

The Obama Administration has been adamant in its reliance on false science to engage in these destructive acts.  They are not fooling anyone.  The people know when they are being hoodwinked.  Obama is forcing the people of California into food lines as the water restrictions destroy the economy of the state.  Budget deficits rise as the President coordinates the oppression with Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic legislature.  The entire contingent of politicians in the Democratic Party is working against the people of California.  They continue to drive up unemployment to increase poverty and dependence upon socialist handouts.

The Republicans in the legislature are fighting for the people.  Senators Dave Codgill and Dennis Hollingsworth spoke about their years of work and efforts to solve our water issues.  Senator Codgill described the difficulties in this fight as the opposition is strong like the relentless pursuit of the terminator machines.  Senator Hollingsworth described how San Diego is leading the effort with a desalinization plant in Carlsbad. 

Governor Schwarzenegger stands behind Senator Dave Codgill in the war over water.

Governor Schwarzenegger stands behind Senator Dave Codgill in the war over water.

Senator  Hollingsworth did not mention that his uncle Bill Hollingsworth was instrumental in leading the effort to get the Olivenhain Dam built, the largest dam built in the United States in the last 50 years.  So we want to acknowledge how he comes from a family that has worked for decades to make our state strong and prosperous.  The truth is that generations of Californians have struggled for the last hundred years to build the irrigation systems for our farms and our people. 

Aubrey Bettencourt of the California Water Alliance spoke about her family and how the family farms are the backbone of California’s economy.  These are the people who are under attack by the politicians who want to terminate the family farms like heartless machines bent on relentless destruction.  It is an amazing parallel to the Governor’s character in his films.  

She was followed by Danny Curtain of the California Carpenter’s Conference  whose members came to show solidarity and unity with the Tea Parties and the Water Coalitions.

California is in the midst of a battle against tyranny and the food lines are the front lines of California’s Water Wars.  The devastating economic effects are spreading throughout the state as water rates climb 20 times faster than the rate of inflation.  Even now the political powers have started to release more water from the reservoirs during the middle of a 3 year drought in a move that will create more supply shortages which will affect more than farmers and jeopardize the entire population. 

So as the madness continues the Governor has chosen to stand with the people in an effort to reverse the catastrophic economic and environmental damage to his state.  He has completed his conversion from the machine mentality of those terminating our water supplies, to a man who has recognized the human effect of this monumental disaster.  It is appalling that the progressives in the California legislature and the U.S. Congress continue to be in denial about the damage they are inflicting upon the people.  The Governor now must battle them to protect the impoverished people of his state.

Our Governor has gotten absolutely no help from the President as the Nobel Peace Prize winner adamantly denies water to the farmers.  He uses his office to impose economic hardships on those who have fought for our country and work hard to feed the world.  President Obama has become the evil terminator who wages mindless destruction against his innocent victims.

What makes you think we will allow you to do this Mr. Audacity of Hope?

What makes you think we will allow you to do this Mr. President?

Ironically the Democratic party has become the party of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.  While the Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians are standing together with the working class citizens and conservative Democrats in an effort to save the poor and impoverished victims of this class war.  They are united through the Tea Parties in this struggle to get our water back.  

The victims of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The victims of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez cannot believe his party is doing this to his people, but like Ronald Reagan before him, he is seeing how the Democrats have abandoned their principles and have sold out to the money and the influence of anti-American environmental groups.  Perhaps it is time for Mr. Rodriguez to make the same change made by Ronald Reagan. 

Never vote for a Democrat, never ever vote for a Democrat

Never vote for a Democrat, never ever vote for a Democrat

As the politicians and environmentalists continue to drain the reservoirs and flush the available farm water out to sea, California’s budget deficit grows ever larger.  The fools in Sacramento seem oblivious to the fact that by destroying the agribusinesses they wipe out sources of revenue to fund police, fire, and education.  They blindly cater to the nonsense science of environmental extremists who are determined to destroy the irrigations systems of the Central Valley.  Instead of green plants that absorb carbon dioxide, they created a dust bowl of monumental proportions.  Billions of dollars of economic activity have dried up overnight under the progressive policies of eco-tyranny.

Thank you Governor for uniting with our cause.  Our goal is simple.  We will remove the terminators of human rights from power.  We will use our constitutional rights to spread the message of our plight.  We will get our reservoirs filled and our irrigation systems back.  We will investigate the corruption that has created this crisis.  We will never again believe the false claims of environmental nonsense.  “United we will win!”

Later this week:  Friant Dam, walnuts, corn, and an update from Sacramento.


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4 responses to “Governor Schwarzenegger fights to save his people and his legacy.

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  2. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

  3. Terri

    This story is not drawing enough attention before the people. The News Agency’s are not presenting this. I know Hannity was down and did that rally. But then it was over and done. Governor has connections in high places. He’s trying to be politically correct in handling this. His Voice is not loud enough. Maybe locally but not Nationally. The American people ned to know how this is going to effect them directly. And if you want News Coverage. Just invite Sarah Palin down to speak. You’ll get the coverage then. All the mainstream networks just can’t past up Sarah Palin.

    • ecosense9

      Sarah Palin has an open invitation to come help us in California to end this man made drought. All politicians across the country are encouraged to get involved to help us get our water back from the eco-tyrants.

      Thank you Terri, we are trying to carry this story out when the national media loses focus. We appreciate Hannity’s help, but this story needs more attention before it is too late. Our food and water supplies are being taken from us.

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