Meg Whitman runs for Governor – you decide.

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

Has she seen the light on cap and trade?

As we enter the fall one year before the next election it is time to see who is the new candidate that will emerge to lead us through the next decade.  California’s race for Governor will truly be a search for a new leader who is not fooled by the deceptive politics that have created water restrictions, high unemployment, a collapsed economy, and bloated bureaucratic budgets bringing us to bankruptcy.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay came to San Diego after launching her campaign to take over a state that is struggling under the weight of massive over regulation.  She analyzed the problem this way:

It is true, the evidence is clear.  California’s regulatory environment is a proven job killer.  There is no argument about that on the left or right.  California has regulated itself to death with extreme environmental policies that actually damage the environment and the economy.  Once again Meg described how she would correct this situation.

AB 32 is California’s Cap and Trade disaster.  It is a nonsense policy developed under the false claims of the global warming fraud and the climate change hoax.  It threatens the state’s economy at a time when it is the weakest.  It is based on the false claims that green house gases are harmful and exhaling creates temperature pollution. 

If Meg Whitman, someone who has supported controlling green house gases in the past recognizes the economic costs are too great, then our current Governor should too!  He does not need to wait until November 2010.  He can act now and place an immediate moratorium on an economic disaster he created with the Democratically controlled Sacramento legislature.

Now the interesting fact about this is that Meg Whitman has completely changed her position from being the advocate for windmills and expensive alternative energy systems when she worked on the McCain campaign in 2008. 

She did not discuss her past comments about Van Jones, but I will give her credit for finally seeing the light on the economic damage caused by Cap and Trade. 

She offered some positive ideas on how to bring jobs back to our state.  She told the crowd specifically what she would do to create jobs if elected Governor.

Unfortunately she completely ignored the water issues affecting the state.  The quickest way to create jobs is to turn the water back on to the Central Valley but she did not discuss this today.  Over regulation is definitely a job killer, but the tragedy of the economic and environmental destruction caused by the Endangered Species Act is of paramount importance.  If a natural disaster had caused the destruction seen in Central California the water would be turned on immediately, but because it is a man made catastrophe caused by an oppressive government the people are cast aside. 

This was a glaring omission by Meg, which she corrected later in private.  She visited Fresno the very next day.  If she listens to the people she will commit her campaign to getting the water turned back on long before November 2010.

She spoke about how she would deal with the legislature, and how she will use the proposition process and the line item veto.

But oddly she was in favor of the recent propositions rejected by the voters with a 2/3’s majority.

Her campaign message is basic, create jobs, cut spending, and fix education.  Those who attended grilled her on her speech and her education policies.

First on vouchers:

Next, was a question on her comments about the state of our schools, and access to new technologies:

and last but not least, tuition increases.  She did not rule them out and seemed to indicate they were unavoidable.

The tough questions continued as she was questioned about her knowledge of California sales tax evasion by vendors using Ebay.  This gave us solid insight into her position on internet sales taxes.

After which she described what areas would be subject to specific government payroll cuts if elected Governor.

As Meg described her campaign slogan “A New California” it became evident that the people of this state are completely unsatisfied with the results of the left wing policies of Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein.  No matter where Meg went across the state, the people both young and old kept telling her the same thing.  We want our old California back.  We want the prosperity and common sense that made us great.

“The idealized California of the past, where jobs were plentiful, schools were strong, the roads were new, taxes were under control, and California had its act together.”

California dreamin’ has a new meaning this year.  It is Californians wondering how the politicians became so corrupt that they sold us out to foreign interests bent on destroying our state.  Will Meg Whitman provide us with the leadership we need? 

Time will tell, but after Arnold Schwarzenegger, we could use a man like Ronald Reagan again.

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