The Era of Change – Obama and Pelosi to wipe out capitalism.

With millions of Americans marching through Washington, D.C. and around the country, the fringe media outlets continue to ignore the people.  Obama himself fled the Capitol on 9/12.  Clearly he is in fear that all of his deceptions are being exposed.  His propaganda machines have gone into overtime as he quickly distracts the country away from the eco-tyranny that is spreading within his Administration.

Economic war is being waged on the American people by leftist politicians and domestic enemies of our Constitution.  They plan to take over all industries that provide life-sustaining goods or services such as water, electricity, food, and fuel.  Once the government has bankrupted the private markets it will assume full control over everything.

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

Why has the government destroyed our jobs to put us in food lines and create a new dust bowl?

The water restrictions in California are the first definitive acts of war by the government against the people.  Without concern for the economic and environmental damage, the government is rapidly destroying the agricultural industry of the state.  Once the farmers are bankrupted the land is laid waste.  The loss in tax revenues from the formerly profitable enterprises gives the legislature a circular logic excuse to raise tax rates and drive more individuals and small businesses into bankruptcy.

It is a spiral down into the abyss of socialist tyranny and oppression.  The food lines in California’s Central Valley are either an example of the ironic stupidity of Nancy Pelosi and her environmental extremism or an example of her dictatorial despotism.   The Speaker of the House of Representatives is a complete disgrace to the people of her state.  She is a disgusting despot who cares nothing about the damage she is causing with her economic warfare and eco-tyranny.

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

Can you find the green jobs in this picture?

The family farms she is destroying have been operating for generations.  Generations who built the aqueducts and irrigation systems that turned dry fertile soil into the greenest and most fruitful and productive farms in the world.  They made our country great and strong.  Nancy Pelosi wants us to be weak and vulnerable.  This is why she deliberately and methodically cut off the water supplies in an act of war against the people she is suppose to represent.

Pelosi and Obama took their jobs and sent them overseas.

Pelosi and Obama took our jobs and sent them overseas.

These irrigation systems have already been paid for by generations of taxpayers across this whole state.  Shutting off the water supplies is creating shortages and price increases that are affecting everyone.

Foreign powers who are jealous of our freedoms have spent billions on propaganda campaigns to undermine our free market system with false science and nonsense environmental policies.  They want to eliminate capitalism in our country because that is one of our greatest strengths.  It produces the profits and wealth that have made us the world’s strongest force for freedom in history.  Make no mistake about it; we won the Cold War when capitalism conquered socialism.  Our enemies know this.  They saw how socialism slowly destroyed one state after another in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  So they developed environmental policies to instill socialist economic systems in America that would bankrupt us and bring us down from within.

Nancy Pelosi is currently leading this attack on our freedoms.  The first freedom to go was the freedom of the press.  Over the past decade several of the major media outlets have become fringe media that broadcast one sided news stories in an attempt to brainwash, mislead, and confuse the American public.  Advertising dollars from environmental and foreign political groups helped instill a news media in America that has become so irresponsible that it conceals how these groups are assailing our freedoms granted by the Constitution.  This media is as vile and corrupt as any in our history.  

Al Gore’s film “The Inconvenient Truth” was nothing more than the efforts of an angry loser to get back at the people who rejected him in a free and fair election.  The only reason he lost in 2000 was because he was rejected by the people of his own state who knew him the best.  Even today he presses President Obama to use the Presidency to trade away the freedoms of the American people to foreign interests from Copenhagen to Bali.  His goal is to use global governance to impose taxes on Americans that can be sold to foreign interest for profit.  The Cap and Trade policies of the Pelosi Congress are  meant to economically crush our people and send all of our wealth overseas to foreign fat cats like George Soros.

Pelosi assaults the other First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Assembly.  She uses scare tactics and warnings of false threats in the same way other dictators of the last century justified their police state acts of destruction.  Her crocodile tears about her days in San Francisco of the late 70’s failed to acknowledge that the violence she described was by members of her own party against each other when they ate Twinkies and drank too much cola.  She is a duplicitous enemy of freedom who demonizes Americans who stand up to her deceptions.  Her claim that we need to give up our freedoms for safety and security is more than slightly Stalinesque.

All of the bills that are working their way through the Pelosi Congress are structured to wipe out profitable enterprises in health care, transportation, energy and commerce.  She is backed by foreign extremists such as Michael Moore who have been undermining our way of life for decades.  No one was happier about the bankruptcy of the American auto industry than Michael Moore.  He gleefully dances in wealth and riches generated by his foreign socialist propaganda films, which are meant to eliminate our freedoms and instill socialist tyranny in the United States government, while the auto workers, investors, vendors, and customers are wiped out.

The water issue in California is just one part of Obama’s Orwellian government controls.  Our President is now actively engaged in a policy to dismantle the Constitution and create a new world government that will destroy our wealth, our individuality, our economy, and our military.  He is currently undermining the CIA and developing methods to free the 911 terrorists into this country.  He conceals his acts by using the media to focus on his attempts to destroy our health care system with a government run monopoly that will cut off medical care to people in order to control costs.   As Americans attend town halls to express their outrage, President Obama dismisses them as not worthy enough to speak out against him.

We have entered a new era in our history.  It is an era where domestic enemies of the people have taken power and control of our entire government.  They use environmental regulations that are based on lies such as the climate change hoax to impose taxes and fees to bankrupt our economy. 

Why does Nancy Pelosi want the water cut off from California family farms?  Why does she want the middle class to pay 90% tax rates?  Why does she want electric rates to quadruple?  Why does she support policies to increase our dependence on foreign oil and eliminate our access to coal and oil reserves?  Why does she want our jobs to be sent overseas?  Just who is she working for?  It certainly isn’t for the people of California’s Central Valley or any other part of the state.  She is domestic enemy number one! 

It is time for her to be removed from power before she destroys everything.  Contact your representatives.  Tell them that you oppose Pelosi’s tyranny.  Tell them to stop her before it is too late.  She can be removed from her role as Speaker tomorrow.  All it takes is for the will of the people to prevail upon the members of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives to vote her out.


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2 responses to “The Era of Change – Obama and Pelosi to wipe out capitalism.

  1. lisa

    whack job, wing nut, extremist… this is one of the most insane pieces of editorial i have ever read…

  2. Better count in George Soros – he’s the money behind all of this. My prayers to you, California. You were my home for 38 years.

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