California farmers – becoming the new Endangered Species

Traveling through the Central Valley it is easy to see how the politicians have destroyed real estate values across the state.  Valuable cropland has been intentionally laid waste by the Federal and State governments.  The government is waging war against its own people.  These policies create massive budget deficits, exhorbitantly high unemployment rates, and a landscape of environmental devastation.

Why are the political leaders doing this?  Why are they punishing their own people?  Here are some of the people whose lives and families are being punished by eco-terrorists in our government.  America beware, these policies are spreading across the country.  It must be stopped now or the government will own everything as it steals the wealth of its citizens.

David Wakefield of Cantua Creek, CA took me for a ride in the government created dust bowl.

David at one time had over 4300 acres producing food for the world.  The water cutbacks have reduced his available production down to only 500 acres.  It is an intentional act on the part of the government to bankrupt the family farmers.

Once the family farmer is bankrupted, the government then converts the productive farmland into barren desert.  This is done to make the foreign interest groups happy as food production is shifted to overseas farms.  So our government under the oppressive policies of the Pelosi Congress is rapidly wiping out the wealth of America.  There can be no doubt that the politicians are beholding to the foreign interest groups who fund the environmental organizations that spread the policies of eco-tyranny.

Nancy Pelosi has betrayed the people of California.  She is a disgrace to the state and the country.  Farmers all across the United States are being targeted.  Our rights and our freedoms are at stake.  If anyone tells you this is a California problem, they are in denial about what is happening to America.  The enemies of this country have bought and paid for corruption in our government.  The Congress is not working for the American people.

Didn’t these politicians take an oath to defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic?  Unfortunately they are the domestic enemies.

The damage is not just being felt by the farmers, but also all of the small businesses that support them.

We can no longer trust our elected officials as they have sold us out to foreign interests.  There is no other explanation for their continued efforts to destroy the American economy.

How much longer can this go on.  The farmers are at the end of their ropes.  The situation is a complete catastrophe.  Environmentalists have succeeded in establishing policies to destroy our free market economy.  They do not want a clean environment, they want complete control over all of our lives.  The environmental arguments are meant to distract us from their real intentions.  Totalitarianism.

It may be too late.  If the water supplies are not lifted, most farmers cannot last another year.  The banks will not lend to a farmer if there is no water for his crops.  Amazingly, the environmentalists want this farmland returned to its natural state, desert.  They want it to become barren and worthless.  This is the richest farmland in the country, but eco-terrorists want it destroyed so they can weaken our country and destroy our freedoms.

Next week:  How we can stop the nonsense.


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4 responses to “California farmers – becoming the new Endangered Species

  1. Mary Hitson

    I don’t buy produce from the supermarket that is grown outside the U.S. I also buy what produce I can from local Farmers Markets. If we’re not buying the grapes from Chile, etc., then the supermarkets won’t have a choice but to find local produce sources. There are more of us, rational everyday citizens,, than there are politicians. Surely we can oppose them.

  2. Andy

    Mary, I applaud your efforts and intentions, but when domestic grapes are $3.00 a pound because of scarcity, and grapes grown in Chile are $.50 a pound I doubt there will be many who will be strong enough to resist those cheap foreign grapes. Just look at Wal-Mart. I bet there aren’t too many people who go there thinking I want to buy something made in China. They just want something they can afford. And if that Flat screen TV they want, that is hundreds of dollars less at Wal-Mart is made in China, well that’s just too bad. Me personally I don’t support buying foreign, but sometimes it’s really hard not to.

  3. Karen M.

    Andy…I’m with you, unfortunately! I remember when you could get a pretty nice basket of food for $100. First time I paid $200 I freaked. Now it’s often MORE THAN THAT! And I don’t buy a lot of prepared foods. I try and cook as many things as I can from scratch to save money. And we don’t even eat all that much meat. Too expensive and too unhealthy. So what are you gonna do? You end up buying WHOEVER’S GRAPES ARE CHEAPEST! What I AM doing to FIGHT this is I’m actively learning to grow as big of a garden as I possibly can. I’m spending hours pouring over seed catalogues and gardening websites and LEARNING as I go! I feel empowered to know that I am moving towards sustainability WITHOUT the Safeways and the semitrucks that fill them up every night. We’ve planted fruit trees, built a 20′ X 30′ greenhouse to keep the bugs and critters out of the veggies, and we raise our own chickens and eggs. I just have one piece of news for anyone who reads this: the environmental “nut jobs” we all love to hate are PART OF THE GLOBALIST ELITE’S NEW WORLD ORDER. If you don’t believe that do some research. Look up Jacques Custeau’s quote about how it would be beneficial for the Earth if 1/3 of the earth’s population DIED OFF. Giving farmers in America’s fertile heartland/food producing regions only 10% of their water allotment because it will help a minnow fish isn’t STUPID. It’s an EVIL calculated move that will CREATE STARVATION here in America! You watch and see! People will accept ANY kind of totalitarian government if they are HUNGRY.

  4. Daniel

    I think it’s great if one has a place to grow at least some of their own produce. In fact, I would prefer it, except that our property doesn’t have space to accommodate as much as I would like, but I at least have some berries, a cherry tree, rhubarb, lemons, and a few other things. Even though they’re only small producers they are thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.

    However, I would surmise that the majority do not have the resource to do such things and are limited to only what they can purchase. This boils down to a political equivalent – vote with your wallet. The support of our local farmers is a key component for economic stability and independence – whether one is herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous. The marketplace thrives on the basic principle of “Supply and Demand”. I would submit that a key cause for the higher cost of American produce is simply that we have chosen to buy the 5% cheaper foreign product – which decreases the demand of U.S. products, so the U.S. growers have no choice but to raise their prices to literally stay alive. This widens the “savings” gap even further – essentially nailing the lid on the coffins of U.S. growers.

    Those who don’t care about buying American products are the primary cause of the demise of not only the U.S. Grower, but virtually all of U.S. manufacturing. Currently, China is the primary manufacturer of consumer products sold in the U.S. Has anyone stopped to think about what happens when China decides not to deal with us anymore? It will take months and years to restart our closed businesses and manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile the economy tanks and we are at the mercy of another nation.
    I would venture to say that while competition can be a good thing, it should never be at the expense of keeping the U.S. alive! So, instead of buying the cheapest product all the time, just once in a while consumers should splurge and buy a safe, quality product grown or made in the good ol’ U.S. of A!!!

    God Bless America! (We can really use it!)

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