Turn the water on!

This is a week for all Californians to stand up to tyranny and oppression.  As progressive elements in government use multi billion dollar marketing campaigns to conceal their deceptions, the hard working people of California are fighting back against their false science and duplicity.  On Friday August 28th we the people will bus our citizens in, fly them in, drive them in, truck them in, train them in, and do everything possible to stop the eco-tyranny policies of our State and Federal government.  We want our rights and freedoms back.  We the people have a right to our water, our oil, our diesel, our gas, and all other natural resources of this state.  It is time to get rid of the politicians who have voted to keep the water supplies away from the people and tax us into bankruptcy.

Never before in the history of our country has the government gone out of its way to harm the people it serves like they have with the Delta Smelt Biological Opinion. 

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

Millions of dollars have been spent by leftist foreign interest groups, environmental organizations, activists, politicians, lawyers, and judges to create a justification to turn off the irrigation systems to the people of California. 

This was in process for years if not decades as the lawyers manipulated the legal system to take away our freedoms and our rights all because a fish is so prolific it is clogging the pumps. 

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

It is not endangered.  It is extremely robust and prolific, but the Endangered Species Act was used to destroy private wealth, jobs, and economic activity here in the Golden State.  This is a constitutional violation of the 10th Amendment. 

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Remember, Congress can pass laws that violate the Constitution all day, but they are not stopped unless the President vetos them or until a legal challenge is made in court.  Court cases can go on for years before bad laws are repealed. i.e. Prohibition. 

So the Pelosi Congress is following blindly as she leads us into despotism.  They don’t even read the laws before passing them.  They have them written by lawyers and lobbyists from Marxist and Socialist backgrounds with no accountability to the people.  Then implementation slowly erodes away our freedoms over years after they leave office.

There is no greater abomination of our rights under the Constitution than when it is used to justify rights for fish instead of people.  Indeed the current administration in Washington, D.C. believes that even trees have rights. 

Trees like this have died all across the central Valley due to water restrictions.

Trees like this have died across the Central Valley due to water restrictions.

I guess this only applies if the trees are not on valuable, rich, productive farmland like the dead almond and fruit trees of the Central Valley.  Eco-tyranny is based on legal mumbo-jumbo and complete nonsense.  It damages our economy and our environment.

The hate America crowd now controls our government.  They have a grand plan of oppression which forces us into slavery to big government.  They must be stopped.  They will create more legal nonsense to free the terrorists at Guamtanamo.

The environmentalists have succeeded in creating an eco-disaster with their “fish constitution” biological opinion.  More money was spent to evaluate the life cycle and spawning habits of the Delta Smelt than on the devastation caused by this man made drought.

Our tax money is being used to fund programs to send our jobs out of state and overseas.  Money is provided to leftist propaganda organiztions by foreign interest groups.  The goal is Global Governance to take away our freedoms. 

They pay lobbyists to get politicians to make false statements about capitalism, the environment, and our energy systems.

Green House Gases are green, but the socialist idealogues want you to think they are pollution.  If they do they can implement an environmental police state that among other things turns off the water to the farmers or tries to set emission levels back to the less populated world of the last century. 

Their goal is to eliminate the free markets and replace them with a government controlled by czars and unelected officials.  Czars who want to cut off our water supplies, fuel supplies, and electric supplies.  Czars who will eliminate profits and install a socialist society where the government owns and controls all economic entities and workers are placed into socialist buckets. 

If it sounds scary it is.  We must stay focused, we must remove these elements from our government through our election process.  You will know this fall just how many politicians are tied to the Pelosi/Obama oligarchy.  They will ignore the will of the people and put paid thugs into power.

They already try to segment us by making us part of disassociated hyphenated groups.  This is meant to divide and conquer us. 

We are all Americans and we oppose these methods of division.  We stand together against the big government Orwellian beureaucracy.  We march together for our freedoms. 

We will not stop.  We will not waver. We will not fail.

We want our water.  We want our freedom.  We cling to the Flag and the Constitution of the United States of America.  Turn our water on!  Turn it on now!  Stop making mankind an Endangered Species of this government.

Later this week:  March on Sacramento, Friday August 28.


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12 responses to “Turn the water on!

  1. Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law? Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers? Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have to work together to make this happen.


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  3. Dr. Jay Jacobson

    Please listen to our fellow Californians. The minnow is nothing more than a ploy to shut pumps down. The only thing that will kill them now is Salmon, Striped Bass, and other River predators. We need the water to help our plants grow, and save jobs. Southern California would benefit too. Thank you for listening. JJ San Diego

  4. JustWhy

    I wish you the best, but I was offended when a lady on the Hannity show today had the nerve to say “didn’t they help with Hurricane Katrina a day after it hit but they won’t help us?” ARE YOU KIDDING!!?!?. And all I hear is ‘blame Obama” language. This is a matter that I hope will have a great outcome for the farmers in California, but all of the hate and blame game talk along with negativity is bringing this country down.

    • ecosense9

      Yes, the current administration and the entire Democratic Party have expressed far too much hatred toward California and its farmers. All Californians are now united to stop the eco-tyranny of this administration. Only a tyrannt would turn the water off to the people.

      This is a big government land grab to wipe out the family farmers and turn the land into desert so the government can buy it back at devalued prices. Once the farmers have gone bankrupt, the socialist Obama/Pelosi government will then create communist co-ops controlled by foreign interests. Everyone in California is now losing wealth because of the destructive economic and environmental policies of the domestic terrorists in Sacramento and Washington.

      If Obama doesn’t want to accept the responsibility of his policies he will just “blame Bush” anyway.

  5. FJP

    This is only the beginning of this green at any cost position of the Obama administration and the ruling Democratic party. I have urged our elected Officials here in nj to support you folks and get that water turned on. People first Mr. President not FISH! Shame on you and Administration! Can’t wait for the next round of elections to get rid of some Democrats and then thier President before they destroy this country.

    • ecosense9

      Thank you NJ. All of California thanks you. We need the help of everyone in this country. Our farmers are being wiped out by the oppressive environmental policies of our government that destroy our wealth, rights, and freedoms. It is affecting everyone in this state as it creates massive budget deficits that lead to crushing taxes on lower and middle income families.

  6. Jajh

    We’re in Hawaii, and are writing our Governor to join the fight to get that water turned on. We rely on food shipped in from CA, being on small islands…and it means everything to us, as well. We are with you, we are praying for good sense to prevail and for every person in government to be exposed as to whether they truly are upholding the freedoms our Constitution ensures, or not. So far, we’re seeing a whole lot who DO NOT!!!!! Their days are numbered, so hang in there. Trust God to provide and to bring this around right, and keep protesting this domestic terrorism and eco-tyranny.

    • ecosense9

      Thank you Hawaii. I will let everyone in the Central Valley know that you are with us. The sea to shining sea support will warm their hearts. We have great faith that the people of America will rally to save us. Together we will bring some common sense back to our government. The people of California thank you very much. We need everyone’s support. God bless America.

  7. Joe B

    who wants to go Smelt fishin?

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