What goes around comes around Nancy Pelosi.

It is time for the American People to let the Democratic members of the House of Representatives know that they need to remove Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House. 

Since she became Speaker in 2007 deficits have increased by over $1 trillion per year. 

Her energy initiatives caused the price of oil and gas to skyrocket. 

The stock market collapsed.

Real Estate values plunged.

Banks became insolvent and loan funding has dried up.

Foreclosures skyrocketed.

She passed a 90% income tax rate and a multi trillion dollar tax increase.  

She calls others liars in order to mislead the public.

She despises the freedoms of our Constitution.

She only allows anti free market legislation.

She wants all business to be non profit.

She wants to silence free speech.

She calls the taxpayers Astroturf in order to insult them.

The Democrats in Washington must realize that if they do not remove Pelosi from power and remove her now, then we the people will remove them from office.  Marine Corps Vet David William Hendrick expresses our position quite well.

Kill all bills from the Pelosi Congress.  We cannot trust anything from Speaker Pelosi.  Leftist fascism is unacceptable in the United States of America.  She has expressed her hatred for our freedoms once too often.

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One response to “What goes around comes around Nancy Pelosi.

  1. Louis

    Nancy Pelosi must go NOW because she cannot be trusted at all. Everything she says is made up (not factual). The people of the United States do not need nor want this woman in office at all. Kill all bills from the Pelosi congress.

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