The Global Warming Fraud – first in a series of reports on the science of a scam

Over the past several decades there has been a grand left wing conspiracy which has used propaganda to attempt to subvert our freedoms and create a type of Orwellian police state in the United States of America. 

This charade masquerades as a benevolent cause to prevent pollution, but in fact it wreaks havoc on our economy, our environment, and our freedoms.  It is designed to impose global governance over the United States of America by using deception. 

Funded by foreign interests, it is the greatest environmental hoax in the history of mankind, the Global Warming Fraud.

Nonsense special effects designed to scare and intimidate

Nonsense special effects designed to scare and intimidate

Obviously those are very serious claims, but there is a much greater chance of losing our freedoms than there is for the polar ice caps to melt.  Warning us of a non-existent crisis takes our attention off of the subversive elements who use pseudo-science to write laws to restrict commerce and usurp our Constitutional Rights.

Indeed all of the claims about this nonexistent disaster revolve around the duplicitous claim that Green House Gases are a form of pollution.  The two most prevalent of which are Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide.

Now most people realize that water vapor comes from steam and evaporation.  Most people are not aware that Carbon Dioxide is the clean air of the Clean Air Acts.  This is why we have catalytic converters on our cars to convert carbon monoxide (pollution) into carbon dioxide (clean air). 

So boiling a pot of TEA on a gas stove produces both water vapor and carbon dioxide (emitted from the ignighted propane gas used to heat the water to boiling).  Yet this process is pollution free and safe inside every home in America.  So why the hysteria?

cold as ice


The Global Warming Theory claims that the man made Green House Gas emissions will keep building up in the atmosphere.  They will keep absorbing the suns heat, the ice caps will melt, sea levels will rise, and … the greatest Hollywood disaster will ensue.  This theory is rubbish.

The Earth’s atmosphere relies on Green House Gases to filter impurities from the air.  The energy absorbed transports millions of gallons of fresh water from the oceans over the land masses.  It is also converted by the plants into food and carbohydrates (carbon and water compounds).  Whatever heat remains is dispersed at night keeping the temperature of the planet stable 24 hours per day.

The Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle

The hysteria has been caused by a media intent on deceiving the public, a media that profits from advertising bought by foreign interests, a media that tries to convince us to shut down our economy to save us from ourselves.

But the media is only part of the deception.  The politicians and environmental organizations have joined the conspiracy to bypass the Constitution and undermine our freedoms and our rights with a new threat to our country, an eco-tyrannical police state that controls all forms of economic activity with oppressive taxes and regulations known as Cap and Trade.

where's the beach?

Trick photography affects your perspective. Is this man hot or cold?

to be continued – tomorrow, The Climate Change Hoax


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23 responses to “The Global Warming Fraud – first in a series of reports on the science of a scam

  1. neena

    very bad effect

  2. whateveryoureckon


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  5. Charles

    Dumbest theory ever!!!!!!

  6. dan

    only the brainless trash buy into global warming.

  7. say what?

    Why would anybody make a scam like global warming?

    This article is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

    • ecosense9

      The global warming fraud is designed to undermine the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Its goal is to creat a global governing body that controls our economy and our freedoms.

  8. I was annoyed enough to leave a comment

    I just… there are no words. Go to a biology and or chemistry lecture sometime. Learn a) what a pollutant is; b) why having a catalytic converter is better than not having one; c) why carbon emissions are a potential threat to the balance of the earth’s ecosystems; d) well I could go on but we’d never get anywhere. Suffice to say you’ve got a lot to learn. Also, learn to support your statements with data, experimental evidence and sound judgement….

    • ecosense9

      Carbon emissions don’t threaten the ecosystems. They are all based on carbon. Perhaps you should have me give a lecture on the science of the Earth and why carbon emissions do not harm anything. It is the politicians who are trying to undermine our freedoms with false science who are the greatest threat.

  9. someone

    i’ve been researching the past few days about global warming and i do believe this theory. why do you think it’s too hot or too cold in some places?
    guess what, thats just the beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. well its possible cali goin down first but not in any of these years…….its goin down in about 3020

  11. hope ya saw me type yah so dont worry bout no stupid….OMG THE EARTH’S COMIN TO A END AT 2012

  12. son

    u have a good picture…

  13. u see ur “diagram” thingie… it got trees on it.. that why they say recycle and reduduce and all that re do things. also the 4 evury tree u cut plant another 2 … that because they cant carry out photosynthesis and make oxygen. thre r too less trees and plnts in da world to keep the balance betwween carbons and oxygen and all that… duhh .. ur diagram shows urself wrong hahaha

  14. nick

    f…ck you the global warming is a fact

  15. Just Wow

    Oh. My. Lord. The temperature is clearly rising. Check some stats. When the polar ice caps melt and the Thermohaline Circulation shuts down, and the world freezes over, I hope someone slaps a big fat I TOLD YOU SO on your front door.

  16. EllieisSweet

    you all know NOTHING

  17. XXXXX

    WEIRDEST THing ever but its true you WILL DIEEEE

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