Where is Senator Boxer?

Today a small group of concerned California citizens went back to the San Diego office of Senator Barbara Boxer. 

Gang of 7 well dressed Americans

The Magnificant 7 well dressed Americans

This was a follow up to last Friday’s attempt to bring the message of the people to the Senator who has reportedly not been to San Diego in two years.  We tried to confirm that with Senator Boxer’s local representative, Caridad Sanchez, Director for Imperial and San Diego Counties.  Ms. Sanchez said Senator Boxer has been in San Diego but does not hold town hall meetings. 

She welcomed the concerned California cirizens and gave each one of them a chance to speak about the issues such as Health Care, Cap and Trade, the Global Warming Fraud, and the Constitution.  She wrote down all of their concerns and assured them she would present them to Senator Boxer.

It was clearly evident as each of the patriots spoke that the people of this country have lost faith in their government.  There is a deep mistrust of the politicians and the media as the constant drumbeat of spin and propaganda is fooling no one. 

All of the patriots spoke eloquently about how their freedoms and rights are being legislated away by a Congress that has turned a deaf ear to constituents.  The people know the truth and they know when they are being deceived. 

Ms. Sanchez was told what parts of the current legislation were objectionable, and then presented with other solutions that are not currently being considered.  The concensus was to let the free market capitalist system work.

Senator Boxer was invited to come to San Diego and meet with the constituents several times by those in her office.  Each time Ms. Sanchez was unable to make such a committment. 

Senator Boxer was questioned about specifics in the Health care reforms moving through Congress.  Ms. Sanchez replied that Senator Boxer is not in any of the Health Committees in the Senate so she will be part of the debate in September when a bill comes before the full Senate. 

At this point several of those in attendance exclaimed “Kill the bill!  We don’t want this Health Care reform.”  The message was that the Congress needs to start all over and only fix things that are broken; do not tear down the whole system. 

The people definitely want smaller less complex pieces of legislation that are not rushed through.  They do not trust what is now coming through Congress.

Ironically there was a painting of Cesar Chavez hanging in the Senator’s office, but her representative could not explain why the environmental policies of Senator Boxer have devastated the farm workers of California’s Central Valley. 

The patriots questioned the Senator’s role in developing the job killing CAP and Trade legislation in the Senate.  Senator Boxer was asked to stop making laws based on the fraudulent science of Global Warming.  Ms. Sanchez said she would take these concerns to the Senator.

It is easy to see why there is no trust anymore.  Our leaders make laws to oppress us that are based on foreign propaganda.  Such laws send our jobs and our wealth overseas.

There was some disagreement among a few of the patriots.  Some felt that no matter how much we tried our elected leaders will not listen to us.  The trust is gone and it will never come back.  

Others were encouraged that they were able to voice their concerns today.  Only time will tell if Senator Boxer chooses to listen.

Do our representatives protect the rights of the people?  Watch this and then decide if you want this to happen to your health care.

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