March on Sacramento

On August 28, 2009 all TEA Party Patriots are being asked to join us on the Capitol steps to protest Assembly Bill 32 – Global Warming Solutions Act.  This legislation was signed in 2006 during the height of the media campaign to push the global warming fraud.

This is a nonsense law designed solely to make false claims of pollution to impose high taxes, fees, and restrict business statewide.  It uses the pseudo science theory that Green House Gases are a form of pollution.  In fact they are the opposite of pollution.  Green House Gases are essential for the existance of life.  They remove pollution from the atmosphere.

The politicians have fallen for the deceptions of the eco-tyranny groups who want nothing more than to shut down our economy.  America’s environmental organizations have sold out to the money provided to them by foreign interest groups whose sole motivation is to create massive taxes and regulations in America so our jobs will go overseas.  The result of these nonsense regulations is an enormous increase in energy costs across the board and punitive damage to all industries necessary for economic growth.

We encourage all Californians to join our movement and come to Sacramento on August 28.

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