Welcome Patriots!

almond groveFight for California is here to battle oppressive government policies based on falsehoods and misleading propaganda.  In recent months the genius of our founding fathers has become evident as the people use the powers granted to them under the Constitution to stop the big government policies that are draining the credit markets, sending our jobs overseas, and destroying our environment. 

Come join us for a March on Sacramento August 28th to repeal AB 32 and get the water turned back on to the Central Valley and all of California.  We have seen the power of the people make their impact through the TEA Parties. We will use our voices to make our state prosperous and wealthy again.

To better understand how dire the situation in California is, please watch this clip from FNC’s Sean Hannity’s show:

On July 4th, 2009 the TEA Party Patriots of California issued a challenge to Governor Schwarzenegger.  Do what is right.  Turn the pumps back up to levels necessary to sustain life in the Central Valley. 

How many dead crops are enough to convince our leaders of the total environmental catastrophe it is to use the Endangered Species Act to deny water rights to the voters and taxpayers of this state?  Governor Schwarzenegger did respond by activating the California Disaster Assistance Act and requested a Federal Disaster Declaration from President Obama.  But the Central Valley needs more than temporary assistance.  It needs our leaders to stop this environmental disaster and lift the self imposed water restrictions.   The Governor also requested the USFWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services) to reconsider the smelt Biological Opinion as the DWR (Department of Water Resources) has determined that the “Delta smelt population is more robust than previously thought.”

The Delta smelt is not now and never was endangered.  This drought is caused by negligence and incompetence on the part of our elected leaders who have failed the people of this state.  It is time to turn the pumps back on without delay.  There is absolutely no reason to use ecological nonsense to stop irrigating our valuable farmland.  Some trees will take years to get back to full production.

Our economy has suffered greatly.  Real estate values have plunged as the farmland has become barren.  This drop has spread across the state.  Budget deficits have soared; unemployment has skyrocketed.  All of this due to an abuse of environmental laws by politicians who want to oppress the people.


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