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Sacramento, the shot heard round the world.

The start of a new revolution.

The start of a new revolution.

At the start of the first American Revolution the first shots were fired at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts  in 1775.  This  event was memorialized as the shot heard round the world in the first stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “The Concord Hymn.”

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard ’round the world.”

On August 28th, 2009 the farmers, truckers, loggers, and the people of California are now fighting for their lives against the big government oppression that is bankrupting them and seizing their land and assets.  This time though their shots are not from the barrels of muskets, but from their words and signs as the next American Revolution begins

First order of business was to sing the pledge and check the sound system.

At no time was there any indication that anyone other than hard working Americans from all parties were in attendence.  Each one with a message for freedom.  

With help from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association the stage was set for dozens of speakers who oppose the eco-tyranny being waged by the politicians of this state.  One main theme was that cutting off water supplies is an act of war by the government against its own people.

Second order of business, thanking Americas veterans.

Ben Bergquam lead the progression of tractors with a casket to illustrate how the government is killing the economy.  It was very clear that this is a peaceful revolution to preserve the rights of we the people.

Invoking the memory of founding father Patrick Henry, Americans expressed their opposition to the extreme environmental policies of the State and Federal Governments.  Piedad Ayala spoke with eloquence for the people of the Central Valley who have lost their jobs due to nonsense environemntal rulings. 

Once again We the People must stand together and oppose the tyranny and oppression of those in our own government who are working with foreign interests to undermine our Constitution and take away our freedoms. 

It is time to stop the nonsense of breaking water contracts under the judgements from the Endangered Species Act.  The people’s rights come first.   

Mankind turns the environment green.  It is corrupt politicians who make it barren.  Shame on you Nancy Pelosi.  This is what you did.


This environment would be green with a little water.

This environment would be green with a little water.

At noon truckers and loggers from Northern California surrounded the Capitol with 300 vehicles as they circled it all afternoon to bring down the walls of power that are oppressing the people.

Congressman Devin Nunes spoke about the reality of today’s Environmentalists.

Mason Weaver motivated the crowd of American Patriots.

The message to the politicians was very clear.  The people no longer believe in the deceptions of environmental extremism.  We want our jobs back.  We want our water back.  We want our land back.  We want our country back.  This is the angry mob that the Democrats and the media have warned you about. 

They will be appearing across the country for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow:  More from Sacramento.



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California farmers – becoming the new Endangered Species

Traveling through the Central Valley it is easy to see how the politicians have destroyed real estate values across the state.  Valuable cropland has been intentionally laid waste by the Federal and State governments.  The government is waging war against its own people.  These policies create massive budget deficits, exhorbitantly high unemployment rates, and a landscape of environmental devastation.

Why are the political leaders doing this?  Why are they punishing their own people?  Here are some of the people whose lives and families are being punished by eco-terrorists in our government.  America beware, these policies are spreading across the country.  It must be stopped now or the government will own everything as it steals the wealth of its citizens.

David Wakefield of Cantua Creek, CA took me for a ride in the government created dust bowl.

David at one time had over 4300 acres producing food for the world.  The water cutbacks have reduced his available production down to only 500 acres.  It is an intentional act on the part of the government to bankrupt the family farmers.

Once the family farmer is bankrupted, the government then converts the productive farmland into barren desert.  This is done to make the foreign interest groups happy as food production is shifted to overseas farms.  So our government under the oppressive policies of the Pelosi Congress is rapidly wiping out the wealth of America.  There can be no doubt that the politicians are beholding to the foreign interest groups who fund the environmental organizations that spread the policies of eco-tyranny.

Nancy Pelosi has betrayed the people of California.  She is a disgrace to the state and the country.  Farmers all across the United States are being targeted.  Our rights and our freedoms are at stake.  If anyone tells you this is a California problem, they are in denial about what is happening to America.  The enemies of this country have bought and paid for corruption in our government.  The Congress is not working for the American people.

Didn’t these politicians take an oath to defend us against all enemies both foreign and domestic?  Unfortunately they are the domestic enemies.

The damage is not just being felt by the farmers, but also all of the small businesses that support them.

We can no longer trust our elected officials as they have sold us out to foreign interests.  There is no other explanation for their continued efforts to destroy the American economy.

How much longer can this go on.  The farmers are at the end of their ropes.  The situation is a complete catastrophe.  Environmentalists have succeeded in establishing policies to destroy our free market economy.  They do not want a clean environment, they want complete control over all of our lives.  The environmental arguments are meant to distract us from their real intentions.  Totalitarianism.

It may be too late.  If the water supplies are not lifted, most farmers cannot last another year.  The banks will not lend to a farmer if there is no water for his crops.  Amazingly, the environmentalists want this farmland returned to its natural state, desert.  They want it to become barren and worthless.  This is the richest farmland in the country, but eco-terrorists want it destroyed so they can weaken our country and destroy our freedoms.

Next week:  How we can stop the nonsense.


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Betrayed by their own representatives – the plight of California families.


This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

This was valuable farmland until the water was cut off.

The people of the state of California are under attack.  A war is being waged against them by their own government.  It is not just one party but both Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats in both the State and Federal legislature, and a Republican governor who has fallen for the deceptions of the propaganda of environmental terrorism.

All of the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to make sure the farmers of this state do not have enough water to keep their farms solvent.  They mandate reclamation for extremist environmental groups who want to turn Central California back into its natural desert state.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.

Farmland turned to desert by our government.


The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

The stupidity of the California state legislature and the US Congress is mind boggling.

 The legislature used the climate change hoax to pass an extremely oppressive Cap and Trade bill which will completely destroy California’s economy, AB 32.  If the Governor does not issue an executive order to restore water supplies immediately, family farms will be wiped out and turned into barren wasteland.  This eco-terrorism will insure the demise of freedoms for all Californians.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

California farmers meeting to discuss ways to change the political landscape.

Not only has this destroyed the wealth of three generations, but these policies are directly responsible for the devalued real estate across the state.  The land which was once worth billions as valuable productive property is now barren desert.  Banks will not extend credit to farms that cannot produce a crop.  Crops cannot be produced without water.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

Once a wheat field, now a tumbleweed field.

The current water restrictions are based solely on false science, deceptions, and an environmetal lobby that has sold out completely to foreign interests like George Soros.  In fact the current restrictions insure a total runoff of available water supplies during the rainy season.  The nonsense policies of this state keep the water in upstate reservoirs instead of flowing it down to the areas that need it, so when the winter rains come the full reservoirs cannot store the new water.  It has no place to go but runoff into the sea.  It is part of the stupid policies of environmental activists determined to undermine our economy for the benefit of the foreign interests who fund them.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop.  Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

Tumbling tumbleweeds are not a cash crop. Environmentalists are destroying our environment and the economy.

In fact if the water was allowed to flow to the farms, California’s budget deficit would disappear.  The unemployment rate would not be 40%.  Real Estate values would return.  Banks would become more solvent.  Everyone in the state would benefit.  So why don’t the politicians do the right thing?  They are blinded by their own greed and arrogance.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Pelosi calls them astroturf, but these hard working Californians are suffering because she refuses to allow the water to flow to the farms.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Pelosi and Obama are turning this country into a petty socialist dictatorship.  All of their efforts are designed to destroy free market capitalism.  They are more subtle than Hugo Chavez, but far more dangerous.

Our message is clear.  Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Our message is clear. Congress is working for foreign interests and not the interests of the American people.

Next week:  Interviews with the farmers of the Central Valley.


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Turn the water on!

This is a week for all Californians to stand up to tyranny and oppression.  As progressive elements in government use multi billion dollar marketing campaigns to conceal their deceptions, the hard working people of California are fighting back against their false science and duplicity.  On Friday August 28th we the people will bus our citizens in, fly them in, drive them in, truck them in, train them in, and do everything possible to stop the eco-tyranny policies of our State and Federal government.  We want our rights and freedoms back.  We the people have a right to our water, our oil, our diesel, our gas, and all other natural resources of this state.  It is time to get rid of the politicians who have voted to keep the water supplies away from the people and tax us into bankruptcy.

Never before in the history of our country has the government gone out of its way to harm the people it serves like they have with the Delta Smelt Biological Opinion. 

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

This is the what the politicians used to oppress the people of the California

Millions of dollars have been spent by leftist foreign interest groups, environmental organizations, activists, politicians, lawyers, and judges to create a justification to turn off the irrigation systems to the people of California. 

This was in process for years if not decades as the lawyers manipulated the legal system to take away our freedoms and our rights all because a fish is so prolific it is clogging the pumps. 

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

Abundantly prolific for an endangered species.

It is not endangered.  It is extremely robust and prolific, but the Endangered Species Act was used to destroy private wealth, jobs, and economic activity here in the Golden State.  This is a constitutional violation of the 10th Amendment. 

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Patrick Henry' eloquence

Remember, Congress can pass laws that violate the Constitution all day, but they are not stopped unless the President vetos them or until a legal challenge is made in court.  Court cases can go on for years before bad laws are repealed. i.e. Prohibition. 

So the Pelosi Congress is following blindly as she leads us into despotism.  They don’t even read the laws before passing them.  They have them written by lawyers and lobbyists from Marxist and Socialist backgrounds with no accountability to the people.  Then implementation slowly erodes away our freedoms over years after they leave office.

There is no greater abomination of our rights under the Constitution than when it is used to justify rights for fish instead of people.  Indeed the current administration in Washington, D.C. believes that even trees have rights. 

Trees like this have died all across the central Valley due to water restrictions.

Trees like this have died across the Central Valley due to water restrictions.

I guess this only applies if the trees are not on valuable, rich, productive farmland like the dead almond and fruit trees of the Central Valley.  Eco-tyranny is based on legal mumbo-jumbo and complete nonsense.  It damages our economy and our environment.

The hate America crowd now controls our government.  They have a grand plan of oppression which forces us into slavery to big government.  They must be stopped.  They will create more legal nonsense to free the terrorists at Guamtanamo.

The environmentalists have succeeded in creating an eco-disaster with their “fish constitution” biological opinion.  More money was spent to evaluate the life cycle and spawning habits of the Delta Smelt than on the devastation caused by this man made drought.

Our tax money is being used to fund programs to send our jobs out of state and overseas.  Money is provided to leftist propaganda organiztions by foreign interest groups.  The goal is Global Governance to take away our freedoms. 

They pay lobbyists to get politicians to make false statements about capitalism, the environment, and our energy systems.

Green House Gases are green, but the socialist idealogues want you to think they are pollution.  If they do they can implement an environmental police state that among other things turns off the water to the farmers or tries to set emission levels back to the less populated world of the last century. 

Their goal is to eliminate the free markets and replace them with a government controlled by czars and unelected officials.  Czars who want to cut off our water supplies, fuel supplies, and electric supplies.  Czars who will eliminate profits and install a socialist society where the government owns and controls all economic entities and workers are placed into socialist buckets. 

If it sounds scary it is.  We must stay focused, we must remove these elements from our government through our election process.  You will know this fall just how many politicians are tied to the Pelosi/Obama oligarchy.  They will ignore the will of the people and put paid thugs into power.

They already try to segment us by making us part of disassociated hyphenated groups.  This is meant to divide and conquer us. 

We are all Americans and we oppose these methods of division.  We stand together against the big government Orwellian beureaucracy.  We march together for our freedoms. 

We will not stop.  We will not waver. We will not fail.

We want our water.  We want our freedom.  We cling to the Flag and the Constitution of the United States of America.  Turn our water on!  Turn it on now!  Stop making mankind an Endangered Species of this government.

Later this week:  March on Sacramento, Friday August 28.


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What goes around comes around Nancy Pelosi.

It is time for the American People to let the Democratic members of the House of Representatives know that they need to remove Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House. 

Since she became Speaker in 2007 deficits have increased by over $1 trillion per year. 

Her energy initiatives caused the price of oil and gas to skyrocket. 

The stock market collapsed.

Real Estate values plunged.

Banks became insolvent and loan funding has dried up.

Foreclosures skyrocketed.

She passed a 90% income tax rate and a multi trillion dollar tax increase.  

She calls others liars in order to mislead the public.

She despises the freedoms of our Constitution.

She only allows anti free market legislation.

She wants all business to be non profit.

She wants to silence free speech.

She calls the taxpayers Astroturf in order to insult them.

The Democrats in Washington must realize that if they do not remove Pelosi from power and remove her now, then we the people will remove them from office.  Marine Corps Vet David William Hendrick expresses our position quite well.

Kill all bills from the Pelosi Congress.  We cannot trust anything from Speaker Pelosi.  Leftist fascism is unacceptable in the United States of America.  She has expressed her hatred for our freedoms once too often.

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The Climate Change Hoax – A tax for all seasons and a road to tyranny.

Imagine a world without climate change.  No clouds, no wind, no rain, … no life.  An environment without climate change would become very polluted very fast, or it would be barren of life.  The climate never changes on the moon and it is the deadest orb in the solar system.

Apollo 8 orbits the moon December 1968

Apollo 8 orbits the moon December 1968

We need a climate that changes.  That is how our planet sustains life.

So why do the politicians warn us about climate change?  Is there really such a big threat? 

On the California coast the climate is fairly moderate. 

Greenhouse gases hover over the coast of Carlsbad, CA

Greenhouse gases hover over the coast of Carlsbad, CA

It can get as low as the mid 30’s during the winter and as high as the mid 90’s during summer.  Sixty to seventy degree fluctuations every year.  Ten to twenty degress every day from the highs to the lows.

In the Northeast the climate changes are more drastic.  Sometimes changing from rain to sleet to snow to hail within hours.  Temperatures can fluctuate 20 to 40 degrees per day.  

Temperature fluctuates more in the Northeast.

Temperature fluctuates more in the Northeast.

With temperature fluctuations this wide throughout every day of the year it does not make sense to make laws to stop a temperature rise of only 2 degrees over the course of a century.  Yet our political leaders pass laws to stop climate change as if they could even begin to tame the forces of nature.  

Politicians have no power over the climate.

Politicians have no power over the climate.

Why?  What is the reason for this obsession?  Leglslatures across the country are considering a variety of climate change bills the largest of which is the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill that has already passed in the House of Representatives.  California passed Cap and Trade regulations in 2006, AB 32.  Will the rest of the country soon follow?

Hopefully not.  In fact the majority of Californians now want AB 32 repealed.  Cap and Trade legislation sends jobs out of state and overseas, restricts economic activity, increases taxes, and subverts our freedoms.  California is regulating itself into oblivion just because the climate changes.  The political leaders who have come up with this web of regulations are negligent, arrogant tyrants.  They are setting up an environmental police state.

Climate change laws were considered because everyone thought we had a Global Warming problem, but that deception could only last for so long.  Especially when a few degrees warmer would actually have great benefits to society. 

So Global Warming morphed into climate change and the leftist oligarchs are using it to oppress the people of the United States.  Make no mistake about it, all of our freedoms are at stake. 

There is no credible evidence to support the preposterous theory that carbon dioxide emissions will cause the polar ice caps to melt.  Greenhouse gas emissions are clean and beneficial to the environment, actually removing pollution from the atmosphere and stabilizing the temperature.

The government has created this hoax to justify its assault on our freedoms.  It is a means to put government autocrats in charge of every aspect of your life.  

In fact, as we have seen all year the current administration is obsessed with creating massive Orwellian databases over our society.   They constantly ignore the will of the people and do everything possible to pass oppressive legislation.

As the TEA Party movment continues the people are expressing their outrage.  They know the truth and are very angry at the political leaders who continue to legislate by deception.   The town halls across the country have one main theme and it isn’t just health care.  It is about the Congressional leaders who are trying to undermine our Constitution.

It is time for the people to take back their government.  The corruption in Washington and Sacramento is great.  It is time for all of us to stand up for freedom.  We must act now to remove the oppressive politicians from office.  AB 32 must be repealed and never again can we let political leaders use scientific hoaxes to foster tyranny.

March on Sacramento, August 28.

Next week, Turn the Water on!


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The Global Warming Fraud – first in a series of reports on the science of a scam

Over the past several decades there has been a grand left wing conspiracy which has used propaganda to attempt to subvert our freedoms and create a type of Orwellian police state in the United States of America. 

This charade masquerades as a benevolent cause to prevent pollution, but in fact it wreaks havoc on our economy, our environment, and our freedoms.  It is designed to impose global governance over the United States of America by using deception. 

Funded by foreign interests, it is the greatest environmental hoax in the history of mankind, the Global Warming Fraud.

Nonsense special effects designed to scare and intimidate

Nonsense special effects designed to scare and intimidate

Obviously those are very serious claims, but there is a much greater chance of losing our freedoms than there is for the polar ice caps to melt.  Warning us of a non-existent crisis takes our attention off of the subversive elements who use pseudo-science to write laws to restrict commerce and usurp our Constitutional Rights.

Indeed all of the claims about this nonexistent disaster revolve around the duplicitous claim that Green House Gases are a form of pollution.  The two most prevalent of which are Water Vapor and Carbon Dioxide.

Now most people realize that water vapor comes from steam and evaporation.  Most people are not aware that Carbon Dioxide is the clean air of the Clean Air Acts.  This is why we have catalytic converters on our cars to convert carbon monoxide (pollution) into carbon dioxide (clean air). 

So boiling a pot of TEA on a gas stove produces both water vapor and carbon dioxide (emitted from the ignighted propane gas used to heat the water to boiling).  Yet this process is pollution free and safe inside every home in America.  So why the hysteria?

cold as ice


The Global Warming Theory claims that the man made Green House Gas emissions will keep building up in the atmosphere.  They will keep absorbing the suns heat, the ice caps will melt, sea levels will rise, and … the greatest Hollywood disaster will ensue.  This theory is rubbish.

The Earth’s atmosphere relies on Green House Gases to filter impurities from the air.  The energy absorbed transports millions of gallons of fresh water from the oceans over the land masses.  It is also converted by the plants into food and carbohydrates (carbon and water compounds).  Whatever heat remains is dispersed at night keeping the temperature of the planet stable 24 hours per day.

The Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle

The hysteria has been caused by a media intent on deceiving the public, a media that profits from advertising bought by foreign interests, a media that tries to convince us to shut down our economy to save us from ourselves.

But the media is only part of the deception.  The politicians and environmental organizations have joined the conspiracy to bypass the Constitution and undermine our freedoms and our rights with a new threat to our country, an eco-tyrannical police state that controls all forms of economic activity with oppressive taxes and regulations known as Cap and Trade.

where's the beach?

Trick photography affects your perspective. Is this man hot or cold?

to be continued – tomorrow, The Climate Change Hoax


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